Such is life...

18 September 2013


Life seems to be getting away with me at the moment, I cannot believe it is the 18th September already.  Where has the time gone?  It hasn't been the best week to be honest.  It started last Friday when I decided to throw myself down some stairs (only 2 thankfully) and sprained my ankle.  This wasn't the best time for me to do this as hubby was away in Germany for work.  Plus I was on my way to work when it happened and no where near my GP or home. Thankfully, I have some very good friends at work who picked me up and I managed to get an emergancy appointment at the GP - I am lucky enough to work above a large surgery so that was convenient.  She checked the ankle - so lucky I didn't break anything and of course we checked baby's heartbeat which was perfectly normal.  And relax!

I honestly did not know a sprained ankle would be so painful.  Or maybe my pain threshold isn't as high as I thought it was.  Anyways, I got home and moped for a few days - what with being by myself, hobbling around and having to deal with the pain but I am feeling a great deal better now.  The ankle is bruised and swollen but it is getting easier to walk on.

This is life.  Things happen.  Good and bad and we just have to take them as they come and deal with them as best we can.  I am grateful baby is OK, I could have fallen a lot worse.  I am grateful for friends and family for their support.  Baby is kicking away, more and more as each day comes and goes.  He is so strong and I just cannot wait to meet our little one.   4 months tomorrow is my due date - how scary is that!  So much to look forward to - and whether its good or bad - I will be OK.

Such is life ♥

In other news, I submitted my final (a.k.a. LAST EVER) assignment for my degree I am doing part time.  I passed - thank goodness and now I just have to write my exam on the 9th October and I am a graduate - obviously all things being well!  I am so proud of myself, 5 years of studying part time is no mean feat and I cannot wait to accomplish one of my life goals!

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your ankle, I can't imagine that it would've have been fun being in your own. Well done on getting through most of your degree, what is it in?? Xo


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