@ 25 Weeks

7 October 2013

Hormones, still raging, not everyday now but wow, I have not felt this emotional before.  And it is the little things that set me off.  We watched the Time Traveller's Wife the other evening and I ended up sobbing through the last 10 minutes and then for another half an hour after the movie had ended.  Tom caught a mouse on the weekend and bought it in the house.  It had died but I felt so sorry for the mouse which caused another outburst of tears.  Some days I miss my family so much - more tears.  I have my final exam on Wednesday and whilst exams and studying don't really stress me out, this time I am having moments of anxiety and I just have to remember to take one step at a time and just do my best.

Saying all of that, other than emotions I am feeling really well.  Baby boy kicks everyday, mostly in the evenings or after lunch.  I love it when he kicks, it reminds me that he is there, growing and can hear our voices.  Only 15 more weeks and he will either be here with us or imminently arriving.  We just can't wait to meet him now and cuddle and care for him.  It is amazing how your instincts kick in - your priorities change and you can feel yourself preparing mentally - as much as you can when it is your first!  While I definitely have a bump and getting up and bending down is becoming a bit more of a challenge - stretching and doing some yoga really helps.  My pregnancy pillow is a godsend and I could not sleep without it I don't think.

The nursery is starting to come together, once my exam is done I am going to get into sewing mode - quilt, a blind, fabric baskets, cushions - I cannot wait.  And Autumn is definitely descending on us.  The leaves are changing, it's getting darker earlier, its noticeably cooler.  This time of year makes me want to light candles in the evenings, get on with craft projects, eat soup and stews and drink endless cups of tea.  We just want to enjoy these last few months of just us.  Enjoy being able to sleep late, go out on a whim, eat meals when we want, watch TV and appreciate an orderly house, pop to the cinema or have a takeaway.  Once January is here - our whole lives are going to change into a whirlwind of nappies, feeding, changing, crying, emotions, sleepless nights and being able to cuddle and nurture a little being which we bought into the world ♥


  1. Aww,look at your bump. He must be cooking in there very nicely :)

  2. looking good :) definitely do take advantage of your time together as a couple. I kind of rolled my eyes when people told me that before, but now it's like.. your mind is all on the baby and your partner easily falls by the wayside - not good. hope you enjoy the meals out and movies :)


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