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18 October 2013

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front - I haven't been that motivated and this time of year I always find myself super tired in the evenings what with the weather changing and it getting darker earlier.  My body clock is just trying to figure out what is going on really.  Plus, I am nearly 27 weeks pregnant and tiredness seems to creep up on me more easily!

We have been organising the house a lot, getting things done which we have been meaning to for a while and I have also been ruthless - getting rid of stuff I know I won't use and just making space for baby.  We are getting new carpets installed in a couple of weeks - I really cannot wait for that to happen.  We moved into our home over a year ago and have had to live with these dingy, old and smelly carpets for long enough - however it makes sense that we did, because we could paint and renovate some things without having to worry about ruining carpets.

We decided on a stripe for the stairs and landing - we hemmed and hawed about the carpets - my gawd - I did not realise Mani was so fussy.  Seriously.  Many an argument occurred - over carpets for goodness sake!!!  Anyway, we finally decided on a beautiful pattern - I cannot wait to see it and share the pictures with you.

We have been slowly setting up the nursery, buying odd things and getting ready.  We bought our first (of many) packs of nappies last weekend. And I think we may have enough muslins to last for 3 weeks but I just love muslins and the cute designs you can get!

I have also been making loads of soups and stews - this time of year it's so comforting to get home after a long day and have a heart-warming and nutritious supper.

Now what I really need to start doing is sewing - I have a list of projects I would like to finish before the end of November and I just need to get going. I enjoy sewing but sometimes I get a bit nervous about starting something, but once I do then I normally finish it quite quickly.  So watch this space.

This weekend I really would like to go for a walk and see if there are any sloe berries or blackberries still around.  I would love to bake a pie or traybake or make some sloe gin for Christmas presents from something I have picked locally.

Happy Friday friends, make your weekend special. ♥


  1. Got any stew recipes you want to share? :o) Although I would prefer the meat variety if possible!
    Mani - fussy about carpets?!!! Naaaaaaa.... really?!!

    1. I will post some soon - although mine are all vegetarian! hehe I do miss a good beef stew. aaah! you have made me want one now!


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