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25 October 2013

As my due date gets closer, I want to remember what life was like before the baby arrives.  Listening to friends talking about life for them now with kids, I am finding myself savouring moments like being able to bake on a whim, sleeping until 8am on the weekends and just popping in the shower when it suits me.  I thought it would be fun to document a typical day for me before baby arrives so I can look back and remember what life used to be like.

So here is what a normal weekday looks like for me.

 6:30 AM//
Wake up to the alarm, snooze and try wake up to be in the shower for 6:45.  Often though, especially now as it is still dark outside, getting in the shower is more likely to be 6:50 or even 6:55 if I want to push it.

7:20 AM//
Head downstairs after getting ready, make sandwiches for me and the hubby and have some cereal or my favourite at the moment is a slice of toasted raisin & cinnamon loaf.

7:40 AM//
Leave the house, Mani drops me at the tiny little railway station (which is just a small platform) in time for me to catch the one of only two trains which serve this station per day at 7:52am.

8:15 AM//
Arrive at Oxford Station, and start my now 15 minute walk to work which used to only take 10 minutes, but as bump is getting bigger I find myself walking more slowly.  And being more careful since this is the walk I also fell and sprained my ankle on, now 5 weeks ago.

 8:30 AM//
Arrive at work, catch up on emails, hand out the post and newspapers and glug down a couple of pints of water.  I am normally parched by the time I arrive from my walk from the station.

10:00 AM//
Have my daily cup of coffee and a snack, normally homemade and healthy - mostly a muffin or biscuits.  Carry on with emails and any projects I have going.  Everyday is different for me, it all depends on what needs organising i.e. a conference, a call, meetings etc.

12:30 PM//
Take a lunch break, I try my best to get away from my desk during my lunch.  It helps me to get some fresh air and makes the afternoon more bearable.  I either pop into town if I need some shopping, or pop over the road to our main building and catch up with friends there.

2:00 PM//
The rest of the afternoon is spent filing, organising visa's, travel arrangements, printing, minute taking etc.  It all depends on what needs doing that day.  I suppose that is one thing I enjoy about my job is that everyday is different.

4:30 PM//
Head to the train station to catch my train home.  I just love being able to have 15 minutes to unwind, relax, get my heart pumping and enjoy the canal, the ducks, swans and now, the changing colours of the the trees.

4:49 PM//
Hop on the train home - normally I would always be able to get a seat but recently the fabulous people who run the trains (First Great Western) have decided to downsize the train from a eight to a five carriage train so I find myself squished in between carriages (standing!!) or if I am lucky I hop on at first class and get a seat there.  Luckily, pregnant women who are season ticket holders are welcome to a seat in first class when no other seats are available.  However, sometimes there aren't even seats in first class - not ideal.  But don't get me started!

5:10 PM//
Train arrives at Charlbury station, hop off and catch the little railbus home - which serves the surrounding villages.  Another debacle going on, since the council want to cut the service to save money.  This railbus is vital for us rural villagers who rely on this transport to get to and from work.

5:30 PM//
Arrive home, walk through the door and normally Mani is home.  I tend to dump my bags down, coat off, slippers on.  I either unpack the dishwasher, start dinner, hang up the laundry from the machine and cuddle the cats.  If it has been a bad day and I am super tired I head upstairs for a shower straight away.

7:00 PM//
Have dinner, which can be an array of things.  Lately I just love broccoli - my new favourite supper is broccoli and cheese stuffed potatoes.  Yum Yum.  I have also been making stews and soups and you can't go wrong with a cheesy vegetable pasta bake or a curry.

7:45 PM//
Clean up the kitchen, write blog posts, maybe do some sewing or any admin that needs doing.  Some nights I am just too tired and relax on the couch under the blanket with the cats and hubby with a cup of rooibos tea and watch TV.

9:30 PM//
Depending on whats going on we head up to bed with a cup of "sleep" tea, I try read a bit or scour ebay for a few deals on the ipad or catch up on my blog reading.  Other nights as soon as my head hits the pillow I am asleep.

It will be interesting to do another Day in the Life once baba is here and see how different it all is ♥

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