Growing an Avocado Tree

1 October 2013

7 weeks back, I planted the pit into a pot with some soil and what with all the sunshine we had, it really was very happy on our kitchen windowsill.  I was sure to place the pit gently into the soil, only covering half of it and then patting down the soil to secure the pit and added some water.  And watered it every other day and picked any big leaves from the top to allow for new sprouting ones to come through.

I think now that autumn is approaching, my avocado tree has probably reached its peak.  These trees need a humid climate to grow and with the nights drawing in earlier and the temperature dropping gradually I am not sure how much longer my little tree is going to last.

Just the process of planting something from a pit/seed and watching it grow is something I have enjoyed doing.  It's the little things.  ♥

You can find Step one and Step two here of how I grew my avocado tree.

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  1. How cool is that? I love plants but I rarely grow anything from scratch -must be such a sense of achievement! x


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