Keep on keeping on

22 October 2013

Do you ever have those days when everything is an effort.  Getting up, having to deal with life can sometimes just be hard.  I have always struggled with this time of year.  The weather is changing, it is still dark when we wake up and gets darker earlier too - although the clocks going back next week will help with the morning bit.

I am the sort of person, if I have a bad day like this I tend to get a bit down about it.  Yesterday was one of these days.  It was awful - the whole world was against me I tell you.  But days like this pass, and luckily mine ended with a relaxing yoga session which helped me to stretch and get rid of whatever the day had dumped on me.  I also managed to sleep relatively well.  All these changes in the weather and a bigger bump is making it it harder to just fall asleep like I used to.

But what I realised is that it is OK to have bad days - the world is not going to end.  You just get through them and if necessary have a huge bar of chocolate waiting for you at the end of it - or in my case - a yoga session.  You just keep on keeping on - that's what this life is about.

So if you are having one of these days, here are some funnies and inspirations to cheer you right up.  And go get yourself some chocolate.  Chocolate always helps.


Happy Tuesday ♥

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