@ 30 weeks

11 November 2013

30 weeks?  Where is the time going?!  Eeek, 70 days until the 19th January and he might come earlier than that!!  Baby Choudhry is definitely growing and the bump is getting bigger and bigger as the weeks go by.  Bending over to pick something up, putting socks on and tying my shoelaces are not as easier task as they once were.  There is a lot of huffing, puffing and groaning which takes place when a task like this has to be achieved.  And don't get me started trying to get comfortable in bed.

I have had a few bouts of nausea this past week, the midwife said that often women find that the 3rd trimester can bring some of the 1st trimester symptoms back.  Lets hope that is not the case.  I do not deal well with feeling sick.  I am struggling to cope at the moment with getting up, commuting, working and commuting home again.  Tiredness is kicking in big time and I still have 6 weeks of work left.

Another thing I have noticed is my urge to sort, organise, tidy and clean anything that is not sorted, organised, tidied or cleaned.  I didn't think I would go through this well-known phase in pregnancy but it has kicked in big time.  I also am on a mission to get things done.  Ideally I would like the nursery sorted and everything bought by the end of the month but time and budget probably won't allow for this so it will have to be the end of December which is also OK.

I have come to realise that the nursery does not have to be in a perfect state when baba arrives - he is going to be sleeping with us (in this beautiful crib we have chosen) for the first 4 months at least so if we only get some final finishes done after he arrives that's okay.  It doesn't all have to be in perfect order!

Next month we start our antenatal classes which should be interesting, there are four in total and involve talks about various things such as breastfeeding, labour, the birth, changing a nappy etc. We have decided to have baby at the local midwife-led unit as opposed to a hospital.  We prefer the thought of a relaxed atmosphere with the least intervention, however I am prepared to go to hospital if things do not work out as planned.  Lots of women have told me while you have a birth plan, also accept that things probably won't go the way you imagined, just be prepared to accept whatever happens.  So that's what we are doing.

I will say it again - it is still such a surreal feeling to be pregnant and know that we will be parents soon.  It is such a blessing and we are just so excited for everything to come. ♥


  1. Very excited for you! The next 10 weeks may seem to go by achingly slow but the pregnancy WILL be over eventually. Have faith :) I also went CRAZY with "nesting" - organizing the house, painting stuff, cooking, cleaning, etc. Just be careful not to overdo it and rest. The nursery really isn't an essential, you've got that idea right. Having him in your room is definitely the most convenient those first few months. We just got Everett into his own room at 4 months now (thank god!), haha, but it was lovely to have him close at night those early months.

    I also originally planned to go to a midwife-led birthing centre but I suppose fear made me decide to go to the hospital in case something went wrong and in the end it was the right decision for me - however that being said the birthing centre we toured looked so comforting and I'm sure the care is excellent there. I know at the one near us they had aromatherapy, birthing pools and massage! But yes, the advice you've been given is right - life never goes according to plan. You gotta roll with the punches. I hope you do have an easy labor though! P.S. Where are you originally from? I thought you were English?

    -Vanessa from thelittlekicks.com

    1. Aaaah thank you so much for your message :) What is your email address and I can write a long one back? I was born in the UK but grew up in South Africa and moved back to the UK when I was 18 :) xx

    2. Hey, it's vanessa.careyATgmail.com :)


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