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22 November 2013


Another week nearly done, I cannot believe it is nearly the end of November, the weather is getting colder, the afternoons darker and Christmas is around the corner.  I know I always comment about time and how quickly it is going but seriously - the weeks seem to be flying by now.  I am nearly 32 weeks, I feel HUGE and everyday things are becoming more of a struggle.

Lately, all I have been able to cope with is getting up, going to work, coming home, cooking dinner and flopping onto the couch and then into bed.  Phew - this third trimester pregnancy thing really takes its toll on the body.  I had my 31 week check up with the midwife on Tuesday and everthing is going as it should.  Baby Choudhry is just above average for his growth which is fine by me.  Do you know that your measurement from the top of your uterus (bump) to your pubic bone is about the number of weeks you are?  I love little facts like that!

Baby Choudhry's kicks are getting stronger and his movements are more sweeping now - it is such a weird sensation but also very comforting when I am sitting at my desk, on the train, on the couch or climbing into bed and he moves around.  He also gets hiccups most days and it is the cutest thing seeing your bump move up and down and feeling him hiccuping.  I cannot wait to meet my little baba and see what he looks like - I just want January to be here but at the same time want time to stand still for a while so I can organise things!

Tonight, we drive down to the Swansea Gower for a couple of nights break in the sweetest little cottage.  We have been twice before and just love the area.  There are lovely walks to do, we can visit a few pubs, take a walk on the beach and just relax and enjoy some alone time together before baby arrives.  It is also Mani's birthday on Monday so I thought it would be nice for us to get away for that too.

This week I have made some mincemeat for the first time and my sloe gin is looking good.  Be sure to watch out for the recipes next week as well as some pictures from our weekend in Wales.

Here are a few things that I have found this week and had to share.

These amazing pictures - not sure I would have the courage to have taken them though!

10 true things about the first year of parenthood.

This beautiful post which nearly had me in tears - I just can't wait to become a mommy.

50 Photos of my beautiful home. 

♥ The cutest and easiest Paint and Punch DIY from Zana.

♥ The magical John Lewis Christmas advert and how it was made.

Happy Friday friends.  Make this weekend one to remember ♥

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