@ 37 weeks {full term!}

29 December 2013

WoW!  I am 37 weeks pregnant.  Baby will be here soon and we are so excited.  But this past week has been a bit hard, I won't lie.  At our 36 week check up last Monday, the midwife was feeling my tummy and was pretty sure baby was breech but she got another midwife to come in and see what she thought.  She had a feel and was pretty certain baby was breech too.

So off we went to the hospital on Christmas Eve where we spent 6 hours having a scan, seeing a consultant and him doing an ECV (external cephalic version) which is basically them trying to turn baby by applying pressure on my tummy.  It was very uncomfortable and unfortunately he wouldn't turn.  But we tried.  Typical male being stubborn!! hehe

So we have a c-section booked for the 14th January.  We asked the consultant what the chances are of baby turning himself before I went into labour and he gave us a whopping 0% chance!  But you never know he might turn.  But if he doesn't, then it is a c-section for me.  I know many women who have had c-sections and it really isn't a big deal.  As long as me and baby are fine that is the main thing.  And having a natural birth these days with a breech baby is just too risky (in our opinion).

But other than that - we are all fine.  I am pretty tired and moving around is becoming increasingly challenging.  Some of the hardest things include tying my shoelaces, getting dressed, getting up from sitting down and sleeping for more than 1 hour because it always feels like I need the loo!!  Christmas was relaxing, we have been buying the few last bits and pieces and finishing off the nursery.  Two weeks Tuesday baby will be here - eeeeek!  I suppose one of the plus sides to having a c-section is knowing when he will be here.  Unless I go into labour which I don't think I will, what with him being our first.

We are going to enjoy this week ahead while Mani is off work, go see a movie, go out for lunch, watch too much TV, sleep, relax and enjoy the last two weeks of just us.  But secretly, we are just wishing the next two weeks away so we can hold baby Choudhry, give him cuddles, become parents and start our journey as a family of three. ♥


  1. Oh no! Glad they managed to catch that early on so you could plan the cesarean. I also had a stubborn baby who wouldn't turn even though I did loads of inversions and getting on all fours each day to encourage him to get into the right position. Mine wasn't breech, but right occiput posterior which they still make you deliver normally - not without it's pain though! So glad they have cesareans nowadays to keep mama and baby safe. We are lucky. Like you said, the most important thing is a healthy baby no matter how he comes into the world. I think I'll be doing a cesarean for my next baby due to my experiences with normal childbirth - yikes. So excited for you that you'll have your little one in your arms in just a few weeks. All the best!

  2. My friend had great success turning her child with this: http://www.birth.com.au/breech-baby/exercises-to-turn-the-baby#.UsLyKLTq1PY

    Good luck, whatever happens ;)


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