Maternity Shoot

19 December 2013

I had to have one.  I am not going to be pregnant for the first time again and I just love photographs.  Recording bump and how I looked is a special moment in time for us - and our dear friend Neil really captured the moments that afternoon.

I got lots of inspiration off Pinterest but mostly we ended up just seeing what worked and since Mani and I aren't especially huge fans of our picture being taken we ended up having a few giggles along the way.

We just ambled down the lane at the back of our house past some fields and some muddy paths - it was freezing but I was adamant not to wear my jacket for the photos.  Luckily Rita was on hand to hold our jackets and throw them at us once the shots were taken.

Definitely going to be printing some of these off to put in the nursery and our bedroom ♥

Big thank you to Neil and Rita - be sure to check our Neil's website - what a talented fella!


  1. beautiful colors against the wall! i wish i wouldve done this. :)

  2. I just love the heart picture and the one abive in front of the garage. Gorgeous pictures :)


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