On maternity leave

10 December 2013

{Neil Crook Photography}

Last Friday I finished work - I am officially on maternity leave.  I planned to finish on the 23rd December but I just wasn't coping.  The commute, getting up early, getting back late, the cold and working was just getting too much.  I stressed as to what to do - I didn't want to let work down but at the same time, I needed to look after myself.  Hence why I have been so quiet on the blog, in the evenings I am too tired to do anything other than cook dinner and shower! I do feel so much more relaxed now I am home.  I am 34 weeks now and I really cannot fathom that there is only up to 8 weeks left before baby Choudhry appears! So.very.exciting!!!!!

It is weird being at home in the day, I am not bored yet but I have to do lists that I give myself everyday and I am determined to stick to them.  Plus, I plan on going swimming twice a week or going for a walk to keep my exercise up too as well as doing some yoga and practicing my breathing.   A visit to the midwife today shows that all is normal and baby's heartbeat is strong.  As I write this he is kicking and moving around.  It is so fascinating to think that in just a few weeks time he will be here with us.

I have been washing baby clothes, starting to pack my hospital bag and writing a list of all the things I need to get done before this little man comes onto the scene.  It is such an exciting time and I want to soak up the anticipation, the excitement and the feelings that come with your first pregnancy.  It really is something special.

We attended our first antenatal class last week, one of four provided by the NHS.  It was interesting and good to meet other couples in the same situation as you.  I did have to giggle though, everytime the midwife taking the class mentioned a word like "vagina" or "back passage" or similar you could see the guys trying to stifle a smirk.  Nothing changes!!

So here is to the last festive season of just me and Mani.  Here is to soaking up the special moments of just us two.  Watching Christmas movies, enjoying the next two weeks at home, pottering, nesting, organising, baking.  And who knows, baby is due 19th January but he might make an early appearance.  So lets make the most of the time we have now.

Happy Tuesday ♥

P.S. Check back next week for our beautiful maternity shoot courtesy of our awesome friend Neil.


  1. That is so exciting! And I love the photo! Adorable.
    I would probably be giggly too to see the guys react like that too. In fact I was giggling aloud when i read it :)

  2. Very exciting time! I also had an extended maternity leave which really helped me prepare. Take it easy, it's hard work being pregnant. You should really check out a NCT course. I met all my mommy friends there and it was so so helpful for the first few months to meet women going through the same things as me. Maybe your baby will come a little late and be born on my birthday - Jan 25! Hehe, for your sake I hope he comes early though. The waiting is the hardest part.


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