The Nursery

23 January 2014

Ever since we found out we were expecting, I have found Pinterest to be a treasure trove of ideas for the little one's room.  Now in my opinion, people can go a bit overboard.  And while we wanted something special for baby Choudhry, we didn't want to spend a fortune and we wanted something simple but colourful.

I visited my favourite online fabric store, Emma's Fabric Studio and found Riley Blake's alphabet soup and knew this was the one we would use.  We love the colours, so I bought the "Finn" fat quarter bundle along with a few metres of the Alphabet Soup (boy) fabric for a blackout blind which my friend is kindly making for us (still to come).

I used all the fabric from this bundle along with some kona cotton solid colours I had already to make all the bunting, the cushion cover, the crib skirt and the curtain tie-backs.

We don't really have a theme as such, there are some giraffes, elephants, the cutest cuddly hippo you have seen and some of sewing by me.

Here is a list of everything in the little one's room:

Rocking Chair & Stool - Ikea
Crochet blanket - made by my Gran
Cotbed, dresser & wardrobe - Izziwotnot (bought on ebay)
Shelf - bought second hand
Nursing Pillow - given to me by a friend
Blue polka dot changing bag - gifted & handmade by a dear friend
Baby See Me Wrap (hanging in the grey bag on the shelf) - gift from my sister
Hanging organiser - sewn by me, using this tutorial with some canvas material off ebay
Changing wedge - John Lewis
Giraffe changing wedge cover - Aden & Anais
Fabric storage baskets - sewn by me, see my post here
Curtains - Littlewoods
Curtain tie backs - handmade
Crib skirt - handmade, using various fabrics from Emma's Fabric studio
Cushion cover - handmade with this tutorial, using this fabric
World Map canvas - by ArtPause, Not on the High Street (gifted by my parents)
"Good Morning Buddy" & "Good Night, Sleep Tight" framed prints - by Daphne Graphics, Etsy
Frames - local framing shop
Nappy storage - gifted from my Gran
Bunting - sewn by me
Curtain rail - B&Q

So what do you think?  We still need to buy a cotbed sheet (now bought - see picture below), we have our eye on a lime green one which will go nicely with the colours.  Other than that, I think we are pretty much done.  Maybe a colourful rug will be handy for when he is a bit older for playtime.

And...our brilliantly talented friend Jen sent a painting she did all the way from Sweden which we put up today too.  Just love it - thank you Jen ♥

Anyway, we are really pleased with how it has turned out and we haven't spent a fortune either.  Happy Days.

Introducing Jack Carter Choudhry

21 January 2014

A week ago today, our little munchkin arrived at 16:08, weighing 7 lbs 6.5 oz (3.36kg), delivered via a planned C-section because he was breech.  Gosh, I was so nervous for the whole procedure but it went so quickly and as soon as little Jack was born and his cries filled the room nothing mattered anymore.

I won't lie however, the recovery from a C-section was tough.  I was in a lot of pain the day after and was exhausted but everyday it gets better.  Breastfeeding was incredibly challenging, just because it was so painful, but once he started to latch on correctly, from about last Friday things have been much better.

We are slowly getting used to not sleeping for long periods of time, Jack tends to feed every 2-3 hours and is such a relaxed baby.  Mani is the most supportive, understanding and doting husband and father.  You think you know your husband but having a baby together really shows you another side of someone - it brings another level into your relationship and I feel so blessed to have Mani there by my side - changing nappies, burping, cooking me food, supporting me through breastfeeding and giving lots of cuddles to Jack.

I can't believe it has been a week already since Jack was born.  The past few days I have been a bit weepy, its totally normal and just my hormones flying high, sleep deprivation and just trying to come to terms with this little being in our lives and everything that comes with it.  Mani still has another 2 weeks off, and I don't even want to have to think about him going back to work - eeek it just makes me anxious thinking about it.  But we are just going to enjoy these next two weeks - all the special moments and getting used to life as we know it now.  I really want to take lots of videos and photos, as Jack is already changing and I want to remember every little moment in these first few weeks.

Thank you to everyone for all their messages and kind words.  Blog posts might be a bit sparse over the next few weeks while I give lots of time and cuddles to our little bundle.

@ 39 weeks

13 January 2014

So this is it - my last day of being pregnant.  And is it still weird to say that it feels quite surreal? That 39 weeks have past since this little being started to grow inside of me?  It has gone quickly and I am so grateful for the easy pregnancy that I have had.  What a miracle this whole process is.  And the best part?  Is that the best part hasn't even happened yet - that's tomorrow when we get to meet our little munchkin.  We get to hold him for the first time, hear him take his first breath and scream the place down.  The first time we will change his nappy, feed him, cuddle him, comfort him.  The first photos, the first meetings with family, the first sleepless night. 
What a journey we have ahead of us.

Looking back at all the pictures we have taken, I am so glad we decided to record the past 9 months.  It is so special to be able to look back and see my body change and my belly swell.  I mean is it really 7 months ago that we were announcing we were pregnant?  It never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes, especially now that I am getting older.  I am 27 in a couple of weeks.  27 years old?  That is so grown up!  But I just feel the same as I did when I was 20, maybe a bit wiser but just the same.

Anyways, I digress.  As I sit and write this post at 5:43am (I can't sleep), I want to remember my swollen belly, the little kicks and squirms inside me.  The (endless) hiccups this little guy had and just the feeling of anticipation of what is to come.  I love looking forward to things and thinking "this time tomorrow or this time next week".  Life as we know it will change forever. For the better.
We are booked in for a C-section tomorrow (early) afternoon, the 14th January.  I won't lie, I am very nervous but wow I cannot wait to meet baby Choudhry and I know Mani is SUPER excited too.
This week, I will also be posting some pictures of the nursery - we are so chuffed with how it has turned out. 

Want to see all my updates through my pregnancy?  Just click here.

An online baby shower

10 January 2014

Yup, this is how the kids do it nowadays people - we have online baby showers via Skype.
'Coz that's how we roll and that's how freaking amazing my friends back home are.  Seriously.Damn.Amazing. (And my hubby to for helping out - so thankful for the people in my life).

After an emotional afternoon at the hospital yesterday, meeting with the anesthetist and finding out exactly what happens in a c-section I was feeling a bit down.  The whole clinical atmosphere really made it hit home once again that we are not getting the natural birth we planned.  But as the saying goes, plans are a good way to make God laugh!

Anyways, so I got home and was waiting to skype with my friends in Cape Town as they were all getting together for supper.  Skype/Facetime whichever you use is really the best invention ever in my opinion.  Being able to see your friends and family and have a proper chat when you are thousands of miles away really makes all the difference - especially in times like these when emotions are flying high and sometimes all you need is a bit of reassurance and a South African accent to make you feel better.

The skype phone starting ringing and Mani disappeared to the car and I wasn't sure what was going on but he bought this big box in and a chorus of "Happy Baby Shower" was sung to me from my ipad screen.  I promptly burst into tears and was just so overwhelmed with how very lucky I am to have friends who have such generous hearts.

I then proceeded to open each pressie they had carefully wrapped and tied with ribbons, along with having to wear a little bonnet, a bib and a over sized dummy (because obviously, it wouldn't be a baby shower without having to look ridiculous too!).  I also had to guess who was who from their baby photos and they had each written a list of wishes they had for Baby Choudhry.  Some of which are quite hilarious! Love it!

Reading the cards afterwards and the little wishes they had for baby got the tears flowing again (and again this morning!) and I just want to thank each and every one of them - Amy, Inge, Calli, SJ, Rix, Sam and Tyla for all the time, effort and love they put into this.

And Inge knitted these little booties.  How gorgeous?  All the presents we have received are just amazing and baby Choudhry has been well and truly spoilt!

What true friends I have, even though they live across the sea.  I just hope I can be the same sort of friend to them when their special times come along.

DIY: Fabric storage baskets

8 January 2014

I was looking for something to store the necessities for the changing table in and had an idea of what I wanted to make but didn't realise how easy it was going to be.  I am no expert on my sewing machine but these were enjoyable and simple to create and I super chuffed with how they turned out.

I used this tutorial and fabric from this bundle from Emma's Fabric Studio as well as some plain cotton canvas material for the inside which I just bought off ebay.

For the bigger fabric basket I just used a fat quarter of fabric, cut in half.  Seriously - anyone can make these and you can tailor them to any size you want really.  I feel a toy storage basket will be needed for the future!

Yay for something else to tick of the list.  The nursery is so nearly finished and I cannot wait to show it off ♥

P.S. Don't you just love the changing mat cover?  

1 week

7 January 2014

38 week bump-a-lump
In 1 week we will be meeting our little baby boy.  One week people.  On one hand I don't know if I can wait that long, I just want to meet him now and start this parenting gig.  On the other hand - I still have so much I want to do and maybe would like a few more weeks of pottering at home just doing this and that.

But one thing I am sure of - I am a bit tired of being pregnant.  While I have had the easiest pregnancy ever - these past 2 weeks have been tiring.  Sleep is something I am already getting not used to doing for 8 hours straight (or at all sometimes) and I am fine with that.  At least my body will be prepared when the little munchkin arrives.

And maybe I am also just a little bit upset still that I won't be going through the natural way of things birth-wise.  And that's OK - I have accepted I am having a c-section and it is for the best but I will kind of miss the waters breaking or going into labour naturally - just the whole experience I suppose.  Although SO many of my friends and family have been supportive and keep telling me all the pros to having a c-section which I get.  It is super cool knowing what date he will be here, I kind of feel more prepared in a way.  Also, the no pain thing and dealing with what comes with pushing a baby out of your body is a plus.

So 1 week.  1 week to bake, sew, cook and freeze meals, clean the house, relax, watch some telly (we are on season 2 of Breaking Bad and loving it), going for walks, enjoying sleeping in and sleeping when I want to.  One more week of life as I know it.

Excited is not the word! ♥

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