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7 January 2014

38 week bump-a-lump
In 1 week we will be meeting our little baby boy.  One week people.  On one hand I don't know if I can wait that long, I just want to meet him now and start this parenting gig.  On the other hand - I still have so much I want to do and maybe would like a few more weeks of pottering at home just doing this and that.

But one thing I am sure of - I am a bit tired of being pregnant.  While I have had the easiest pregnancy ever - these past 2 weeks have been tiring.  Sleep is something I am already getting not used to doing for 8 hours straight (or at all sometimes) and I am fine with that.  At least my body will be prepared when the little munchkin arrives.

And maybe I am also just a little bit upset still that I won't be going through the natural way of things birth-wise.  And that's OK - I have accepted I am having a c-section and it is for the best but I will kind of miss the waters breaking or going into labour naturally - just the whole experience I suppose.  Although SO many of my friends and family have been supportive and keep telling me all the pros to having a c-section which I get.  It is super cool knowing what date he will be here, I kind of feel more prepared in a way.  Also, the no pain thing and dealing with what comes with pushing a baby out of your body is a plus.

So 1 week.  1 week to bake, sew, cook and freeze meals, clean the house, relax, watch some telly (we are on season 2 of Breaking Bad and loving it), going for walks, enjoying sleeping in and sleeping when I want to.  One more week of life as I know it.

Excited is not the word! ♥

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  1. A full-term belly is so beautiful. So happy for you. I too got really fed up with being pregnant that last month. It's so hard - you are huge and have to go the bathroom constantly plus the weight just gets enormous between your hips. I remember it well. You have the right attitude and are as prepared as one can be. Looking forward to the birth announcement!


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