An online baby shower

10 January 2014

Yup, this is how the kids do it nowadays people - we have online baby showers via Skype.
'Coz that's how we roll and that's how freaking amazing my friends back home are.  Seriously.Damn.Amazing. (And my hubby to for helping out - so thankful for the people in my life).

After an emotional afternoon at the hospital yesterday, meeting with the anesthetist and finding out exactly what happens in a c-section I was feeling a bit down.  The whole clinical atmosphere really made it hit home once again that we are not getting the natural birth we planned.  But as the saying goes, plans are a good way to make God laugh!

Anyways, so I got home and was waiting to skype with my friends in Cape Town as they were all getting together for supper.  Skype/Facetime whichever you use is really the best invention ever in my opinion.  Being able to see your friends and family and have a proper chat when you are thousands of miles away really makes all the difference - especially in times like these when emotions are flying high and sometimes all you need is a bit of reassurance and a South African accent to make you feel better.

The skype phone starting ringing and Mani disappeared to the car and I wasn't sure what was going on but he bought this big box in and a chorus of "Happy Baby Shower" was sung to me from my ipad screen.  I promptly burst into tears and was just so overwhelmed with how very lucky I am to have friends who have such generous hearts.

I then proceeded to open each pressie they had carefully wrapped and tied with ribbons, along with having to wear a little bonnet, a bib and a over sized dummy (because obviously, it wouldn't be a baby shower without having to look ridiculous too!).  I also had to guess who was who from their baby photos and they had each written a list of wishes they had for Baby Choudhry.  Some of which are quite hilarious! Love it!

Reading the cards afterwards and the little wishes they had for baby got the tears flowing again (and again this morning!) and I just want to thank each and every one of them - Amy, Inge, Calli, SJ, Rix, Sam and Tyla for all the time, effort and love they put into this.

And Inge knitted these little booties.  How gorgeous?  All the presents we have received are just amazing and baby Choudhry has been well and truly spoilt!

What true friends I have, even though they live across the sea.  I just hope I can be the same sort of friend to them when their special times come along.

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  1. This is just way too cute! What a great way to bring joy to a frustrating day! What a lovely husband you must have my dear friend. I will certainly be praying for you and your family, God is oh so good!


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