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7 February 2014

My first week of just me and Jack has nearly come to an end and it has gone quickly.  Tuesday was Mani's first day back at work after three weeks and it was a tough day.  I was exhausted by the time 17:30 came around and hadn't achieved anything apart from feeding, changing and cuddling Jack.  I managed to stuff two pieces of toast down my throat to make sure I didn't pass out from hunger and had a quick shower but kept sticking my head out the curtain to check Jack was still alright (I know that will get easier!).

Day 4 and I am slowly getting into a routine, if we have had a good night I won't go back to sleep after his early morning feed but if I am feeling rough I have an extra hour or two while he sleeps.  The days seem to come and go really quickly and sometimes (like today) it feels like I have been feeding him for hours, changing nappies and trying to get him off to sleep.  It is nearly 4pm and this is the first moment I have had to myself.

But this is what having a baby is all about, its not about me anymore or what I want to do with my time.  It's about nurturing, cuddling and doting after my baby boy and making sure that he is fed, clean and comforted.  He is only teeny weeny still and a routine will come eventually.

What I have managed to do this week is write a few blog posts, do some baking (loving these granola bars again for a quick and healthy snack), give Lucy (our cat) some cuddles, do loads of laundry, order thank you cards, change our bedsheets and take lots of photos.  Everyday I try to accomplish a few things and look after myself.  I feel so much better once I shower, dry my hair and make myself feel good - it makes all the difference. 

I also think it is so important to take lots of pictures as Jack grows, he really is getting chubby and is getting little creases on his thighs and has a double chin too.  I am so glad he is feeding well and growing into a little butter ball.  He is a happy, healthy and contented baba and that is all you want for them.

Now, I am going to enjoy my cup of coffee. ♥


  1. I so get what you said about 'trying to accomplish a few things...'. I remember during the first month or two of Everett's life it was utter chaos and I'm a list-making person so it was bizarre for me not to be writing lists about what I had to do that day, let alone get anything done. But then.. what is "anything" - you are raising a human being! That is a monumental task so don't worry about getting other things done right now. And I'm impressed you managed to bake and do laundry. That's more than I ever did! The shower thing doesn't really go away. I only can shower when Raf is home or Everett is napping and even then I have to listen for his peeps. Breastfeeding literally did take up all of my time but that's because we had all the issues surrounding it. I used an app called like iBaby or something and monitored how long I was feeding each day - around 12 hours some days! I went mental. As he gets older he will eat less frequently but more and you'll get a break. Sounds like you are doing a great job!
    P.S. I spy Cranium on your bookshelf. My favorite game!

  2. Oh he's growing well - little baby feet always make me give a little 'awww' high pitched squee! Gald to hear you seem to be carving out a bit of routine x

  3. Ahhh Claire sweetie it does get easier..but remember to enjoy every single moment and keep a journal just for yourself (even the hard bits are so much more special with hindsight)
    like you my parents were far far away at this special time and it is hard, but give yourself a huge pat on the back for even finding time for blogging. the best piece of advice I ever had very early on was even making the bed is an acheivment to be proud of!!
    way to go girl....and he is adorable and makes me feel all squidgy....
    bestest love to you all daisy j xxxxxxxx


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