Jack: 1 month old

11 February 2014

Jack my boy, you are 1 month old already.  You are gorgeous and we cannot believe how much love we have for you little one.  You are growing everyday - your little chubby cheeks and thighs are the cutest and you are making new little sounds and gurgling too.  You are focusing more and really look like you are listening when me or your Dad talk to you.

You are an easy, chilled baby (you take after your Dad) and you love to just sit in the boppy cushion or in your crib and just stare out and listen.  You are an independent little soul but you love a cuddle too.  You are getting so strong, and can lift your head when we put you on your tummy.  We have finished using size 1 nappies and you don't feel like a newborn anymore, you are more chunky and love feeding.  You make the cutest noises when you feed and tend to stay wide awake for longer periods of time too.

Your hiccups seem to be subsiding, you used to get them after every feed.  They are the most adorable sound but they do make mom a bit anxious!  You don't mind bathing, as long as you are in the right mood and you go to sleep very easily as long as you have no wind and a full tummy!

Happy 1 month - next thing you know, we will be saying Happy 1st Birthday.
We are treasuring each moment with you and cannot image life without you.


  1. Wot that month has flown by! Happy 1 month birthday Jack :) x

  2. your baby, man he is adorable! i love his dark hair. they get so big so fast!

    1. aaah thank you :) yes, it seems like yesterday he was teeny weeny and only a day old!


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