On being a new Mom

4 February 2014

Becoming a parent is something I have always wanted and knew would happen when the time was right.  You imagine life with a baby and how it will be, how you will cope and what it will be like.  You prepare by reading books, internet sites, listening to the tonnes of advice offered by friends and family and even strangers and think to yourself "I got this - it's going to be fun!".

Well, yes of course it is fun, amazing, wonderful, life-changing and just the most miraculous experience I have had so far but what lots of people don't tell you is that it is hard too.  Having a baby and looking after this little squirming bundle of sweet smelling, soft-skinned human being, who has no concept of day or night - only if they are hungry, need burping, changing or cuddling is no mean feat.  It is exhausting and I am happy to admit that.  I think it is the sleep deprivation that caught me and Mani out.  For 27 years I have been used to at least 7 or 8 hours sleep most nights, and going from that one day to maybe 2 or 3 hours at a time the next day is brutal.

But you do it - you would do anything for this little precious being you have created and you love every single minute of it.  Even at 3am in the morning after you have done everything conceivable to try and settle him, yet he still won't fall asleep.  It is these moments that make it real and make me realise how blessed we are to have little Jack in our lives.

His little faces that he pulls, his cries, funny noises and gurgles and the way he opens one eye slightly when he is feeding to see if you are still watching him.  His little toes wriggle when we brush his feet with our fingers, in awe of how velvety soft his skin is.  His perfect button nose and full tummy after a feed and his bed head after a sleep.  And the way he gets hiccups - oh so cute.

He is getting big - we cannot believe that after 3 weeks he is noticeable growing - he is a very good feeder and has put one well over the average amount of weight that newborns should.  He is out of his newborn clothes already and in 0-3 months.  I have had to pack his newborn gear into the back of the wardrobe and am finding myself feeling nostalgic for those first few days of when he was brand new.

Becoming a parent is the best thing that has happened to our little family and we love our little bug to bits.  We have been so lucky that Mani had 3 weeks off and this time has been invaluable - we have gotten to bond as a family unit and Mani has been the most supportive and understanding husband who has cooked, cleaned, changed what seems like hundreds of nappies, made me endless cups of tea and helped in the middle of the night when it all becomes a bit overwhelming.

Jack, you are 3 weeks old tomorrow and we love you more and more everyday.
You are our greatest adventure.

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