The first of the family visits

10 February 2014

Last weekend, my Dad and stepmom, Christine came over to the UK from Dublin to meet little Jack. It was such a special time and the first of many visits of my family.  Throughout pregnancy and when Jack arrived, it was quite difficult at times not to have any family close by, so these visits are really treasured and we had a lovely, relaxing weekend.

Dad and Christine doted over Jack and couldn't take their eyes off of him - it was so special to see and Jack was quite spoilt with lots of cuddles and kisses.  It was my 27th (eek!!) birthday while they were here so we popped into Burford and had a delicious lunch at my favourite cafe, Huffkins and also enjoyed an indulgent chocolate sundae.  It's the little things.

A big thank you to Dad and Christine for coming over - they left my little brother in Ireland so they could dedicate all their time and attention to us, they made suppers, cleaned up and helped so much for the couple of days they were here and treated us to a lovely birthday lunch too.  I know it was hard coming over without Conor - thank you both ♥

Next visit is from my Mom and Gran all the way from South Africa in a couple of weeks, then my sister and her boyfriend in April.  So much to look forward too!

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