A little outing

24 March 2014

I had to share our last outing we had with my Mom and Gran while they were here - we decided to take the short drive to a charming little Cotswold village called Bibury, only 15 minutes from where we live. We have visited Bibury a few times but had not actually been inside the trout farm.  I am so glad we did as we will definitely be going back again and again.  It is something for both adults and kiddies alike and you can even catch the fish if you wish and braai it there too!!!

It was a beautiful sunny day, we walked around Bibury first, visited the little tourist shop and then went onto the trout farm, enjoyed the flowers, fed the trout and had some of the most scrummy cake and tea too.  If you live in Oxfordshire this is a wonderful family outing idea and doesn't cost the earth either.

On the trout farm there was even a path specially for buggies which made it a lot easier than going over the gravel paths.  There were geese, ducks, swans and mallards and the way the trout would jump out the water for the food was amazing, it was pretty hard to capture on camera but I tried!

Here is to many more outings - I can't wait for summer to arrive!!


  1. I am so jealous of where you live Claire. Absolutely stunning!

  2. I love Bibury. I nearly got married at the pub/hotel there. Nice photos.

  3. I've been there! Hubby and I took a bus tour of the Cotswolds two years ago and this was one of the stops. Lovely area of England. Lucky that you live there!

  4. Ooh lovely, this is close to us so it's great to know its pushchair friendly.


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