I want to remember

17 March 2014

I want to remember is a series of posts written when the moment strikes of things through motherhood which I want to cherish and be able to look back on and read allowing me to dig up those treasured moments of being a first time mother. 

For the past three weeks my Mom and Gran came to stay with us. It was such a special time and the memories we made will be ones that I will treasure forever. Here are a few things I want to remember from these past weeks.

♥ My mom getting up with me at all hours to make me tea and sit and chat while I nurse Jack.  Those feeds at 2am in the morning are the worst and having some company really made all the difference.  I also left Jack with her while he slept so I could get some proper sleep.

♥ Early morning cups of tea with my mom and Gran chatting about life and everything that comes with having a family, watching the sunrise and looking out for all the birds visiting the garden.

♥ Going for drives in the countryside and realising how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

♥ Seeing Jack smile and giggle at my Mom and Gran and seeing the look of total adoration on theirs.

♥ Going for lots of walks - noticing the daffodils and crocuses coming to life and getting fresh air everyday.  My mom walks everyday without fail and i want to continue this tradition for me and Jack. It is so good to get fresh air and exercise - it's good for the soul.

♥ Settling down in the evenings, eating supper together and watching The Chase (we love that show!!)

♥ My gran calming Jack down when he had bad colic at about 11pm one night.

♥ Getting together with family who we hadn't seen in years - I love how a baby can bring family back together again. 

♥ One morning at about 4:30am our cat Tom bought in a (live) mouse while I was feeding Jack downstairs with my mom. My mom tried to catch the mouse but had no luck.  To cut a long story short I took the poor mouse outside and Tom continued to find it (not sure how!) and bring it back in 3 times.  Poor thing.  By this time the whole house was awake and it was 6am.

♥ Having four generations together under one roof - it was so special to see the bonds unfold.

I am finding it terribly hard without my Mom and Gran here. But I will see them again this year when we come over to Cape Town where more special memories can be made.

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