Jack: 2 months old

11 March 2014


Jack my boy, you are two months old today.  And you are not a newborn anymore, you are getting so big and strong.  You are holding your head up more, kicking your legs and moving your arms. You love to bath (as long as Mom & Dad get the temperature right!) and have had a couple of exploding nappies too.  What an adventure we are having.

Your smile melts our hearts, the first time you smiled my heart just filled with joy and I had tears in my eyes.  You just are the most cuddly, happy and giggly baby, we love you so much.  Everyday you smile more and more - your favourite time is early morning for giggles and smiles.  And it has become my favourite time of day too even if I feel worse for wear.

I sorted out your wardrobe the other day as your 0-3 months clothes are getting a bit snug on your little body so your 3-6 month clothes are now in the drawers.  And you look ever so cute in them.  Initially we only really dressed you in babygrows but now we are putting you in little trousers and tops and you look so grown up.

You are having such a special time with your Granny and Great Granny - we are so lucky to have them here helping and Great is very good at making you smile.  Granny is good at settling you in your bassinet and gets up with me at all hours of the morning to help so I can go back to sleep.  I won't lie, the past week has been hard, your colic has really taken hold and I have struggled.  I don't know what we would have done without your Granny and Great Granny.  But we are getting there and the Colief drops are working wonders.

You Dad is just amazing with calming you when you have Colic - he definitely has the magic touch.  He just talks to you and walks up and down the stairs endlessly until you are relaxed.  It is so lovely to watch and you love being on his shoulder, your face lights up and my heart just fills with love.

So lets hope the next 4 weeks are filled with fun, more smiles and lots of giggles.

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