Chocolate Cake Recipe #1

10 April 2014

So as mentioned yesterday, this is the first of the chocolate cakes on my adventure to finding that perfect chocolate cake recipe.

This recipe is claimed to be the best chocolate cake recipe ever and I must say - its pretty damn good.   The husband, my trusty friend Hannah (check out her new blog) and I tasted it and we all agree it is a good chocolate cake.  The only thing my husband said was that the espresso powder was a bit overpowering and he is not a coffee fan and that it could be a bit more chocolately.

Well, this is a very chocolatey cake in my opinion but I think he likes real chocolate and this recipes only calls for cocoa.  I personally didn't taste the espresso powder at all and I think it compliments the chocolate and makes for a richer cake.  But I am a coffee fan so maybe that plays a part.

I thought that the cake tasted better the day after baking and the day after that (I can't tell you any further as it was finished after two days - ahem!), so it definitely is a recipe to make a day in advance.  It was easy and quick to make, nothing complicated and I would think everyone would have all the inngredients in their cupboards bar the espresso powder maybe as I had to buy this in too.

The icing was lovely and creamy and spread on thickly - I only made half of the quantity suggested as I didn't make a 3 layer cake and there was plenty to use as well as enough for tasting which is an absolute must when making anything chocolate.  I put some strawberry jam in the middle which I always do with chocolate cakes, next time I am going to try apricot jam.

This is definitely a cake I would make again, I just need to work on my icing techniques I think as well as not being lazy and lining the tin neatly and not just slapping in the greaseproof paper so my cakes come out a bit wonky!  But practice makes perfect - I definitely can't wait to get practicing on my next cake!

I give this recipe an 8/10 rating.


  1. Looks yummy. I'm not a super decadent chocolatey chocolate person. Like I like chocolate cake with white frosting or vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Would be cool if you rated the richness factor :)

  2. It was lovely. I thought the gooey texture on top worked great (there's no link for my blog btw) x

  3. I'd also like to offer my continuing services as cake tester ��


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