Jack: 3 months old

8 April 2014

As I sit and write this post early in the morning before my little boy wakes, I am realising that motherhood is something that constantly evolves.  Jack is changing, growing and learning everyday and while we are sort of getting into a little routine we are still learning about each other too.  A few things to remember at three months...

♥ Jack loves his bath times, we now bath him everyday which helps with routine and he sleeps better for it too. His colic seems to be getting better and while we still have episodes in the evenings they are shorter and we are coping better with them.

♥ Jack is wriggling, kicking and moving about so much - I daren't leave him on the changing mat anymore on the dresser. He is getting so strong and is so alert - he loves bright colours and stares at patterns for what seems like hours.

♥ He has the most beautiful smile and his eyes light up when someone smiles at home - it fills my heart with so much love to see him happy and thriving.

♥ Jack loves to stand up on his legs - seriously he is so strong - I cannot wait until this little bug can move around - another stage to look forward to!!!

♥ He is quite a vocal baby and is making so many sounds, oohing and aaahing when we chat to him - my mom reckons he is going to start talking early! It is the most delightful sound when he chats back to us and it brings a huge smile to my face.

I know I mention it everytime, but where is the time going?  Our little boy is 3 months old - sometimes when I am holding him I just squeeze him tight and whisper into his ear how much I love him.  I have to hold back the tears, as it is these moments that I realise how very lucky I am to have this little miracle in our lives and my heart overflows with love each day for this little guy.

Happy 3 months my boy!


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