Jack: 4 months old

6 May 2014

You are 16 weeks old today Jack and I just love being your Mom - you are the cutest most adorable little human I have ever come across.  I know I am biased but some days I just can't help but look at you and squish you hard into my chest and smell your beautiful baby scent.  You are getting so grown up my boy and its all happening so fast.  You love to sit up now and you have discovered your hands and feet.  Super cute.

You still love bath time and your face lights up when Dad gets home after work - its the best.  One thing I am struggling with though is the dreaded car seat.  You are not a fan of going out in the car most days and this really stresses me out.  It is panic stations when I know I have to get you in the car - I won't lie I try to hide it so you can't sense it but I think you have me pegged.  We have even bought you a mini mobile to hang from your car seat as you love the one in your cot so much.  Lets hope it works.

You are taking your daytime naps in the cot in your nursery now - it is a good start to get you used to sleeping in your big bed so when the time comes in a couple of months the transition from crib to cotbed will be smooth (won't it?!).  Although, lately your daytime naps are not what they used to be because I think you might be starting teething - yes - another dreaded phase - but I have this covered.  Your teether sits in the fridge and as soon as you start sucking your little hands I pop this into your mouth and you are in heaven.  You also love sitting in your bumbo - gosh you look so darn cute sitting in that.

You also are a fan of standing up and bobbing up and down on your little feet - and you are starting to develop a proper little laugh too which literally makes me start to well up - that smile and laugh just brings a tear to my eye - its tears of happiness my boy and the pure joy that you bring into my life, it is just overwhelming at times.  Whilst some days are harder than others I am really enjoying being at home with you my little bug - you are just the best thing ever.  

I think it is safe to say that you have mine and your dad's whole hearts and everyday you do something new that makes us smile and love you even more (if that's possible!).

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  1. Ciao Claire and greetings from northern california. What a delightful blog. I love your mix of life, recipes, food and of course your little boy. Great idea for a blog and a real winner. We have a 6 month old granddaughter and have enjoyed her monthly photos too,
    I also write a blog about food, but with my observations on life, family and relationships. Plus travel and such. Please visit. maybe follow. That would be cool.


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