Our vegetable garden

15 May 2014

I have always wanted a little vegetable patch - and when we moved into our little house with a big garden I was so excited to have one.  Nearly 2 years later it has happened thanks to Jean, my sister's boyfriend.  I am so very chuffed with it, me and Jack venture out into the garden everyday to check on it and to see it growing.

I chose vegetables which I knew would be easy to grow in the UK climate - well I hope so anyways!  I chose onions, courgettes, sweet peppers, lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, carrots and beans.  I also bought some marigolds as these are good for keeping the snails and slugs away.

We bought some wood from our local wood merchant and Jean got to work - he is super talented and it was up within the hour.  I just bought the trellis frames and chicken wire from our local 99p store.  Mani put chicken-type wire around the veggie patch to prevent the cats getting in and it seems to be working for now.

I will be harvesting some lettuce leaves this afternoon - since these pictures they have really grown!

So here is to an abundance of vegetables this summer!

Happy Gardening ♥

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