A teeny tiny announcement: 1 year ago today

24 June 2014

Don't worry, rest assured - we are not announcing another arrival.  Jeez, my shattered nerves are only coping with the one for now thanks!!

A year ago today we announced that we were pregnant.  One year.  It is absolutely amazing how so many things can change in one year.  Looking at the pictures from one year ago compared to now I can notice a few things.  For instance, we look bright and perky even though it is 6pm in the evening and we have just got back from work.  My boobs are definitely smaller and firmer, I am skinnier...oh and we look so unphased by this whole pregnancy/baby thing.  I mean - if only we could go back and tell us to sleep!  Sleep while you can!!  Seriously though, having Jack come into our lives has been hands down, the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us.  He is utterly gorgeous and perfect in our eyes.  So I thought we should do a little photoshoot like we did for our announcement.

Only this time it includes the actual babe!

What were you doing a year ago today?
I love looking back like this and cannot wait to share other "1 year ago" photo ops.
Happy Tuesday friends ♥

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