Being happy all the time

9 June 2014

As someone who is prone to feeling a bit down at times and who has gone through bouts of depression due to various reasons in my lifetime I often feel the need to be happy all the time.  I am not sure why - there are so many articles out there saying "Find your happiness" or "The secret to happiness" etc.  Guys, there is no secret or any need to find it.  It is within you and you just have to know what it is that makes you happy.  It is pretty simple really.  But it is vital to understand that you are going to have days when you don't feel happy.  AND THAT IS OK!  There is nothing wrong with feeling a bit weepy or a bit sad due to whatever reason.  Hell, there doesn't need to be a reason.  We are human and sometimes due to chemical imbalance, circumstances, that time of the month or whatever, we just are not going to feel jolly.  Embrace that, let yourself feel what you feel and do things which comfort you.  Go for a walk or a run, get under a blanket with a chocolate and a cup of tea and watch a series or your favourite movie.  Phone a good friend and have a good ol' chat.  It is all about finding what works for you.

I know that if the weather is going to be bad, it is vital for me to get out and about and be outside otherwise cabin fever will set in and I will start to feel down.  If I have days of restlessness or just feeling a bit sad I will bake something or ring up my mom and just chat about anything to get my mind off of it.  It is a bit different now that we have Jack as he keeps us busy but I have certainly had some days where I feel awful since he has been born.  And I still get a bit anxious that I feel that way but I know it will pass - it always does.

So embrace your feelings, get to know yourself and what makes you feel better and if all else fails...  have a cup of tea and a big piece of cake.  That always helps ♥

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