Capturing the everyday: getting outside in the garden

18 June 2014

I have written previously about capturing the everyday.  Making sure we take photos is such an important thing if you want to be able to look back and see your memories in front of you.  When Jack gets a bit grizzly or just doesn't seem to settle whatever I try (boob, toys, tickling, rocking, baby wrap) I go outside and either plonk him on the grass and sit next to him or wander around.

He quietens almost instantly - it is amazing.  It must be the sounds, the wind, the birds that just make him listen and take his surroundings in.  I couldn't not share these photos that I just snapped with my phone.  I love them.  I love impromptu photos that just happen.  I love that Jack enjoys being outside.  And I am so glad I got to capture this everyday moment.

Happy Wednesday ♥

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