DIY Coconut bird seed feeder

16 June 2014

Back in winter I bought a couple of coconut bird feeders and they have long since been empty, just hanging in our tree.  I didn't want to keep buying ready made coconut feeders as the empty coconuts just go to waste so I thought I would start making them myself.  It is so easy and feeds the beautiful birds who seem to be very happy chatting away now that summer has properly arrived!

All you need is:

Mixed bird seed
Half coconut shell (or you can use a clean, empty yoghurt cup)
Small bits of cheese, dried fruit, peanuts, cake crumbs

Melt the lard over a medium heat and let it cool slightly before adding the seed and other food like cheese, dried fruit, peanuts or cake crumbs.  Spoon into your coconut or yoghurt cup (if using a yoghurt cup then make a small hole at the bottom and stick some twine through so you can hang it up once firm.)

Let your seed cakes firm overnight and then hang in the trees, out of reach of any cats and high enough for the birds to feel secure feeding from it.

They will love you for it and it should attract all sorts of birds such as wrens, blue tits, sparrows and maybe even a bullfinch! (I spotted one out the front the other morning and it was just beautiful!)

Here are some of the birds I have been spotting in our garden lately if you missed it!

Happy Monday!

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