Finding time for myself

4 June 2014

One thing I struggle with now that I am a mom is finding time for myself and finding time to do things that are important to me. Jack is always keeping me busy, especially now he is quite a wriggler and needs a lot of attention at the moment.  I am lucky that he naps in the day for sometimes up to an hour so it is either with these snippets of time that I try to do things or in the evenings once Mani is home.

When Jack was very little, showering and drying my hair would be a luxury but now we have a routine, this happens daily (hooray!).  However, its things like organising, tidying, crafting, baking and cooking which I just love to do that I want to try find time for.  The more organised I am with things and in our life, the better I feel.  I like to keep on top of filing and projects and baking yummy things and having healthy, homecooked meals each evening is a must for me.

What I have come to learn about time management and getting things done, is that with a baby sometimes best laid plans just don't happen.  And you have to be OK with that.  What is vital is to grab opportunities when they arise.  Some evenings I am so tired, all I do is bath and feed Jack, cook a quick dinner and relax.  Other nights, when I am more energised and Jack is quite content in his bouncer, I do lots of cooking at once and stick things in the freezer.  I work best this way and try not to put too much pressure on myself if I am feeling too tired.  It is all about grabbing the moment when you and baby are in the right space.

Another thing that really works for me is lists.  I love making lists, lists of blog posts to write, lists of things to do, lists of supper ideas, lists of things I need to buy - it is endless.  There are some things that have been on my to do lists for weeks and weeks and others which get crossed off after a few days.  I have to prioritise and do what I have time for.  I know I will get round to stuff eventually and it feels SO good to cross things off.  I love accomplishing lists!

What I have found though, is that if I am getting anxious about things which haven't been done I take a step back and (a) think about how important it really is (b) remind myself that I do look after a near 5 month old baby who requires my constant love and care and nothing is more important than that and (c) reflect on how far I have come since January and remind myself that it will eventually get done.  I also remind myself that 3 or 4 months ago I wondered how I was ever going to cook supper again!  How would I have the time or energy to ever cook a meal every evening with a baby? But you do, you find your flow and what works for you and your baby and you go with it ♥

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  1. Well said. It's really important to find time for yourself. Looking after a baby is hard work and can be mentally draining if they're having a bad day, so finding a little 'me' moment here and there is what keeps you sane 'and' able to look after those little ones on a bad day.


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