Jack: 5 months

13 June 2014

Oh my...Jack you have changed so much this past month - it is amazing.  You are so strong, you are wriggling and squirming and just don't want to sit still.  You love to stand on my legs or sit by yourself and just play with your toys.  You LOVE sitting in your bouncer and staring into the garden.  You have started to notice the cats, Tom & Lucy and you love it when Tom comes to sit next to you with his tail waving over your hands.

You bath in the big bath now and splash about, squealing with joy when I squirt water out the rubber ducks.  You have started gripping your toes and feet and you can really pull off some amazing yoga poses!!  And you just love to giggle - that sound - it is the most beautiful sound - it gets inside my heart each time and makes me love you EVEN more.

Blowing raspberries is your new thing at the moment and you get through about 4 bibs a day with all the dribble you are getting everywhere.  And you are constantly sucking and chewing your hands.  It is so sweet.  You had your first taste of baby rice this week as well as mashed banana and you LOVE it!  Apples and pears next week and then onto some vegetables too!  There is just so much to look forward to my boy.  So many firsts still to experience.

We are getting into a proper little routine now and you have started to go to bed a bit earlier which means Mom can get her life back a bit and do things for me.  Hooray!  You have slept in your own room for 3 nights in a row now, I am feeling SUPER anxious about this but it doesn't even phase you one bit.  You are so relaxed and happy and just tend to go with a flow.  I love that about you.  You are just like your Dad.

I am going to savour each and every moment this summer Jack, I am going to appreciate this time at home with you and it is going to be great.  I love you so so so very much.  You are perfect in every way.  Happy 5 months!!

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