Jack has started solids!!

23 June 2014

Now that I have started Jack on solids  I thought I would share some photos and my favourite go-to recipes...I mean they aren't really recipes as much as just steam/poach, add an ingredient, mush and serve or freeze but these combinations are just yummy and most babies will devour them!  We are still in the very early stages but Jack just loves sitting in his high chair and tasting all these new flavours.

So far I given Jack homemade apple and pear with cinnamon, sweet potato, mashed banana and baby rice.  I plan on also doing a bit of baby-led weaning once he is a few weeks older.  Over the next few weeks I will introduce carrots, butternut, courgette, avocado and papaya.

Apple and Pear Puree:
I tend to peel, core and cut my apples and pears into chunks and add to a pan with some water.  I simmer until the fruit is soft, drain the water, add some cinnamon and pulse with a hand held blender.  I often add a couple of teaspoons of baby rice to add a bit of texture.

Sweet Potato:
I boil my sweet potato for about 25 minutes, add some cinnamon too and mash with a fork.  I add a few teaspoons of breastmilk to make the consistency less stodgy.

I always make batches which is much easier as Jack eats such small amounts. I have some handy ice cube type trays which I use as well as cute little tupperwares my mom kindly gave us and use these to store his food in the freezer.  Making food in bulk when you start your baby on puree's really is the way to go and saves so much time.  I am still learning stuff everyday and thanks to other mom friends who have already started as well as reading some books and all the information available online it really is easy to read up on starting your baby on the new adventure that is food.

It is so much fun starting your baby on solids and also tends to give our day more structure with meal times too which is handy.  I love routine and babies thrive on it too.  I can't believe we are on this stage already!  Make it fun and remember to take LOTS of pictures when your little one tries new foods for the first time. ♥

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