My week of silhouettes

26 June 2014

I am sure if you know me and/or are a reader of this blog you know that I adore Instagram.  I love being able to snap photos of the babe and my daily life and pop it on instagram not only for my friends and family to see but also as a way of record keeping and for little Jack to look back on one day.  I also love capturing those little things in life - it makes you realise that these are indeed the big things, don't you think?

Anyways, a while back I came across a lovely little weekly feature called @its_my_week and I am hooked!  To quote:

"Born out of a mutual search for even more inspiration on IG, a group of friends created this page! How it works... A weekly theme will be chosen by one of our talented friends. During the week, you can post your photos to our hashtag that reflect that theme. Post either once per day, or even as a collage at the end of the week. No pressure!! After all, it's YOUR week! Have fun and support, compliment, and encourage each other as only the IG community can! xoxo"

So far they have done #myweekofblue, #myweekofsunshine, #myweekoflookingdown, #myweekofred, #myweekofwalls, #myweekofjoy, #myweekoftheeveryday, #myweekoffood, #myweekofpeople, #myweekoffavourites and currently we are on #myweekofsilhouettes which is turning out to be quite the challenge!  But we all love a challenge, don't we?

I have captured a few silhouette photos as above (well tried anyways) and this morning I was determined to try and get it right!  So I got out the big camera (I always say I will use this more but my phone is just so much easier, especially with Jack wriggling around!!).  I did a bit of research on the net and took these in manual mode after taking a phew shots on automatic and seeing which shots looked the best.  After a gazillion photos I came up with these.  They are alright - this silhouette malarchy takes a lot of practice but I just love learning something new!  Go check out the #myweekofsilhouettes - you will find some simply beautiful shots that have been captured, there are some super talented instagrammers out there!

But it is all in the name of fun, that is the whole point of Instagram and @its_my_week.  Capture your life, take part, show others and do it all in the name of fun.  Be kind, encourage and make friends and most of all - enjoy it.

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