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3 July 2014

We all have our favourite blogs; those few (or many in my case) when their new post pops up on your blog feed and your face brightens, you smile and eagerly open up the post, knowing it is going to be good.  One of these for me is Chantelle Ellem's blog,  Fat Mum Slim.  She is truly amazing.  A genuine, inspiring and fun lady who started the photo-a-day challenge and just writes about normal things.

A few weeks back she posted a free printable/wallpaper designed by Mye de Leon and isn't it just fabulous?  I love a bit of inspiration and when I am crafting/creating/writing my dreams at my desk it's lovely to be surrounded by beautifully designed inspirational sayings to get those creative juices flowing.

I made a DIY washi tape frame for it - so super easy.  All you need is:

- your quote/saying/picture or whatever you choose to frame
- a thick piece of card for the backing (like from a cereal box or the back of a notepad)
- washi tape of your choice

Cut your card to size and then using the washi tape, place the quote/picture onto the card.  Using the washi tape, make a framed pattern, use one colour, use three or as many as you like.  I find the simpler the better with things like this.

I love it, I love the colours and it is fun to look at each day.

Hooray!  ♥

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