A letter to my husband

23 July 2014

Dear Mani,

Sometimes it is so hard to say all the things I want to say, I either forget or I am too tired.  Life gets away with you, you know?  Time used to go so slowly before, but now, days turn into weeks, weeks into months and before you know it another year has come and gone.  I find that as we get older time ticks faster.  And now with Jack in our lives, weekends are a whirlwind of nappies, playing, nurturing and sometimes just surviving the days.  And that's OK, we will get this parenting thing - I mean I think we are doing a pretty good job already but we will eventually get our lives back on track.  We will.

And then I will fall pregnant again.

But seriously, in about 20 years, give or take, we can sit down with our feet up like we used to.  Have a cup of tea and sigh with relief.  I am sure of it...

But in the meantime, I want you to know that you are the best husband a girl could ask for.  And you are the most amazing father.  Doting, full of love and selfless.  You do everything you do for me and Jack and it does not go unnoticed.  I know it must be so very hard getting up every morning and going to work, waving goodbye to us in the mornings.  We also wish you could be at home with us and miss you everyday.  But I hope the photos I send to you on a daily basis brightens your working routine somewhat.  And the best time of day for us is hearing your car in the driveway.  I will be honest, I often sigh a breath of relief when I hear your key in the door.  Parenting is definitely a two-man job.

I appreciate and am so very grateful for all that you do in the house.  I am so lucky to have someone who is willing to do the laundry, vacuum, clean, dust, mow the lawn, wash the cars, change nappies, do the bins, take Jack for walks and load the dishwasher without fail every weekend.  I like that we have taken ownership of certain chores and have done since we met.  And when I am feeling low or just not coping you are happy to do mine too. 

I love that each evening, when getting into bed you remind me how much you love me and kiss me on the cheek.  It may seem like I take it for granted but those words remind me how loved I am and how lucky we are to have each other.  I love how we drink endless cups of tea in the evenings and always have biscuits or cake to hand.  I love that you always look forward to my dinners even when they are crap and you always say my baked good are delicious even when I know they sometimes aren't.

I love that you believe in me, in all my crazy ideas and support me in everything I do.  I love that you will go for walks with me so I can take photos.  And I know that I am not always the happiest and sometimes I am a nightmare to be around what with lack of sleep, hormones and me just being grumpy.  Thank you for putting up with me through these 6 months (as well as the 9 months of pregnancy) - I know it has not been easy but your support, love and nurturing is what has got me through and continues to get me through. 

Having a babe has totally changed our life - for the better of course - Jack has added another dimension to our lives we didn't deem possible and that is {more} love.  We have so much love for the kiddo and seeing you smile and light up when he looks at you is the most amazing thing to watch.  These are just a few of the many things that come to mind that I want to tell you.  So thank you and remember:

I love you more than rainbows.

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