half a cake for half a year

15 July 2014

Since Jack turned 6 months yesterday I thought it was only apt for a cake to be baked.  I mean come on, that is the only way to celebrate right?  Inspired by Elise (because who isn't?  She is a pretty awesome lady), I decided to bake half a cake to go with the whole half a year thing.

I used this recipe and the icing from this cake.  Gosh it was yummy and yes this was of course for mine and Mani's benefit and while Jack, although interested in food is a bit too young for cake just yet.  Next time my boy!

All I did was halve the recipe and baked one cake.  I let it cool and cut it in half.  I spread some apricot jam and icing on one half and stacked the other on top and then iced the rest of the cake.  It goes without saying that sprinkles have to be used.  And a little candle too.

I think half birthdays are fun and why not hey?  All our birthdays are in winter so its a good excuse to bake a cake and celebrate a half birthday in the summer.

Why not work out when your half birthday is and bake a cake?  Have fun.

 P.S. I did a chocolate cake challenge!  See my efforts here:
Chocolate Cake #1, Chocolate Cake #2, Chocolate Cake #3, Chocolate Cake #4 and the last one #5.


  1. My family has always celebrated half birthdays - when my brother and I were little we used to get a small bar of chocolate or a magazine, a small birthday token! Now we're older we still get a text message from our mum wishing us a happy half birthday, and sometimes something in the post too! I think half birthdays are lovely, I try to encourage my friends to celebrate theirs whenever possible, and I always send them a text if I remember! A half birthday cake is a fabulous idea :-)

    1. After posting this so many people have said they celebrate half birthdays - its so lovely and a good tradition. Thanks for sharing your traditions with me xx


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