Jack: 6 months

14 July 2014

Half a year.  I am sure every mom reaches this point and wonders how they got here.  6 months of having a babe and wow, it is awesome.  Sometimes hard, challenging and plain exhausting but it is awesome.  Without a doubt.

And Jack you are such a character, your personality and your character are the cutest.  I think you are going to be like me.  You know what you want and you don't stop until you get it.  You have a strong character and I love that.  But it can be a tad tiring.  But it's OK that's what makes you, you.

You have mastered the art of sitting up and rolling over.  You love to stand and your new trick is to stand up against the couch or the chair in your room.  You are a bit wobbly but the smile on your face just melts my heart every time.  Changing your nappy has become somewhat of a challenge, you are much more interested in your nappies and wipes behind you than in me and you crane your neck and wiggle and squirm until you get hold of them.  It is near impossible to put your nappy on really until you turn back around.

Solids is somewhat of an undecided subject in our house - it is not that you don't like eating your baby rice, carrots, sweet potato and apple & pear - you just love them but it gives you such a sore tummy in the evening so for now we are going to stick with milk and try again in a few weeks.  Or maybe just a week depending how hungry you get!

You giggle with delight playing peek-a-boo and you are in awe of the cats still.  Sucking your toes is also a favourite thing to do and it amazes me everytime you do that and how flexible you are!  When Dad lifts you up to the mirror you laugh out loud and love being flown in the air.

I think it is safe to say you are a happy babe, I mean you have some bad days, but don't we all?
We love you to the moon and back.  Always and forever.

Happy half a year ♥

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