June round up

1 July 2014

June you were such a happy month, filled with sunshine (lot of sunshine), eating, relaxing, organising, baking, creating, making new friends and more.   It had flowers, blooms, lots of photos and plenty of football (which is continuing) but Wimbledon has made an appearance which I just love.  I feel like I am getting my groove back slowly - with a babe your life seems to almost start over in a way.  You life as you knew it is wiped clean and you have to get it back month by month with a new routine and way of life.  And we are getting there, slowly but surely.

June will be remembered as the month Jack started solids, he started sleeping in his own room, he rolls over and sits up beautifully.  He is getting so big and every new stage is such a delight.

Let's hope July is filled with more sunshine, lovely friends and of course lots of baking.

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