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7 July 2014

A few months back, a friend posted a link on facebook about Postcrossing.  Jack was only about 6 weeks old and I thought it might be fun to get involved and spend some spare time (haha) sending postcards across the world.

And it is so much fun!  One of my favourite times of the day is when the postman has been - I eagerly open our postbox each day, hoping to find a colourful, handwritten postcard to brighten our day. Some people are so imaginitive and I have even got some handmade stickers in one.

It is so easy, all you do is sign up on the Postcrossing website, send a few postcards and wait for one to arrive in your postbox.  You can find out more here and these stats are really interesting too!  Oh how I would love to get one from American Samoa, Christmas Island or the Cook Islands where there is only one member.  How special would that be?

Here are my stats so far:

Member since: 4th March 2014
Postcards sent: 7
Countries sent to: Russia, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Slovakia and Ukraine
Postcards received: 11
Countries received from: South Africa (yay!!), USA, China, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Malaysia and Russia.

I am challenging myself to be a bit more creative now, maybe add my favourite recipe or my favourite things or make a handmade envelope.  I often share my favourite quotes and inspirations with people along with what we have done that day.  I also add a few illustrations of the weather that day which is fun.  But you can do whatever takes your fancy or you can simply just write a short and sweet message!  You can look on the profile of the person you have been allocated to see their likes and preferences to give you some ideas.

So why not take part, brighten someones day and send them a postcard from your country.

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  1. I joined postcrossing last month, on a friend's recommendation. I've sent my first five cards and waiting to receive my first...very exciting! You can't really beat postcards and letters, brightens up the post, especially if the rest is just bills and takeaway menus!


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