On our walk

13 August 2014

I wrote about going for daily walks a few months back and we pretty much go out everyday.  I love getting out in the sunshine and fresh air.  It is so good for the soul, plus I get to snap lots of photos and we all know I love doing that too.  We went out yesterday morning, I put Jack in the wrap because where I wanted to go was not buggy friendly.  He still loves it in there and it is not too uncomfortable for me either.

I wanted to go out down the lane and into the fields to see if there were any blackberries - there are literally gazillions but they are not ready for picking yet so we will have to go out on the weekend again to see if they have ripened.

Here are a few snaps I thought I would share, it was such a beautiful morning but we had to make a dash for it at the end because the rain clouds were looming!

Happy Wednesday ♥

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