The front of our house :: before and after

6 August 2014

When we moved into our little home, the front was a disaster!  The walls were covered in ivy, the front door was weathered, the ground was uneven and covered in moss, the bushes were at least a meter high, the fence was worn and old and it just looked awful.

Finally, after two years we have got it looking fabulous.  Oh it makes such a difference arriving home to a pretty front door and a tidy little space which we can be proud of.  A friend in the village did all the work on the front - he ripped out the fence, tarmac and greenery and lay shingle from the local quarry and some pretty paving slabs. 

We picked up a Clematis from the nursery just down the road (ideally we would like to put Wisteria up soon too).  We spraypainted the gas box and pipe black to match the postbox and light.  And finally we took the plunge and painted our front door a very bright red.  We were a bit unsure at the beginning but I really think it cheers the place up, don't you?

Yay for another finished project.

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