A day in the life of a stay at home mom

10 September 2014

Being a stay at home mom is awesome.  Everyday I wake up and I am super grateful for being able to have a year off.  It really is the most amazing thing to be able to do and I love every (well almost every!) minute of it.  But let me let you into a little secret, while it is awesome and cool and all of that it is also hard work people.  Especially if you are lacking on the sleep side of things and there are chores to be done and you have a teething baby.  But you learn how to cope and you just get on with it.  Plus, you also have your relaxing days, where you take it slow, you stick the TV on and you let the washing up wait until later on.

Here is a typical day for me and Jack if we are just staying at home and don't have any plans, I try to have 1 or two days a week like this otherwise I just get too tired plus I LOVE being at home, I am a through and through homebody and not ashamed to admit it.  I love to potter and faff and bake and organise so it suits me well.
 A day in the life of Claire & Jack (9th September 2014)
5:45am :: Jack wakes, I feed him and we fall back to sleep
7:10am :: Mani starts to get ready for work and we both wake up
7:20am :: Nappy change & play time on the bed with Dad, I make Mani's lunch and wash up
7:45am :: Head downstairs for breakfast, porridge & mashed banana
8:00am :: Back upstairs to get dressed, Jack plays in his cot while I shower and get ready
8:20am :: Playtime on his mat in the lounge while I do some laundry and various bits and bobs
9:00am :: Jack starts to get tired so I feed him and he goes down for a nap.  YAY!  I pop the kettle on, look at my to do list and decide to write a letter to a friend with my cup of tea.
9:45am :: Jack wakes up, nappy change and then he sits in his high chair in the kitchen with some rice cakes while I wash up and make some cookie dough.  He gets a bit bored after a while so I pop him in the ergo so he can watch what I am doing.  He loves to bake ♥
10:45am :: Go out for a walk in the village, post a letter & pop in at the play bus.
11:35am :: Come home, hang up the laundry outside and then change Jack's nappy
12:00pm :: Lunch time!  Jack has pasta & cheese for the first time and devours it.  He also has some pureed carrot and a biscotti.
12:30pm :: Upstairs for a feed and another nap.  I so some paperwork and admin stuff and have some lunch.
1:25pm :: Jack starts to stir, I head upstairs, and he always is waiting for me with his head peaking out above the cot bumper and his hands holding onto the bars. It melts my heart everytime!  We have some play time in the lounge and facetime my mom.
2:05pm :: We cut and bake the cookies and tidy the kitchen while Jack is in the carrier.  (I seem to tidy the kitchen a lot but somehow it gets messy very quickly!!)  I then cut and peel some apples & pears & pop them on the stove to make Jack some puree.
2:55pm ::  Jack starts to get tired again so we head upstairs and I feed him.
3:05pm :: Jack falls asleep, I have some tea and biscuits and write some ideas down for an etsy shop.
3:50pm :: Jack wakes up, nappy change & we have some play time on the mat, I empty the dishwasher and wash up (again!)
4:10pm :: I switch the TV on while Jack uses me as a jungle gym.  He is trying to crawl at the moment so we spend a lot of time on the floor and his play mat! 
4:45pm :: Have some supper, strawberry jam on toast, butternut and biscotti.  
5:20pm :: Mani arrives home, he spends some time playing with Jack while I get supper read (lasagne and salad)
6:00pm :: Bath time upstairs with Dad, I either sit with them too or lie down for a 10 minute rest in our bedroom if I am exhausted, this time I went outside to get the washing in & pureed Jack's apples & pears.
6:30pm :: Quite time with music and books and then a feed
7:00pm :: Jack falls asleep, we head downstairs and have supper.  Then we do some paperwork for various things and watch some TV. 
7:45pm :: Jack wakes a couple of times, I go upstairs and get him back to sleep.  More TV watching.  I go on Instagram and I chat to Mani about his day, about our day and everything else!
9:30pm :: Bed time - this is quite late actually, I have been known to crawl into bed around 9pm (sometimes earlier!).


So that's it.  Nothing very exciting really!  It was quite fun to write everything down.  Often it gets to 5pm and I wonder where the day has gone and feel like I haven't accomplished anything!  Everyday is different, it all depends on how tired I am, how Jack is feeling, if we are going out, if I am feeling happy or bleh, what chores need doing etc. etc.  Often I have days where I am not anywhere near as productive as this and I just accept those days and get through them.  But I must say I much prefer being busy & pottering around and Jack does too.

I am really trying to savour and enjoy each day left of this year.  I take in every moment and think how lucky I am to be at home with our gorgeous munchkin.  It is such a special time.


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  1. Claire, would be so very interesting to read about a day in the live of Claire and Jack when you are back at work :-)


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