August round up

4 September 2014

Seriously, it's the 3rd September and I still feel like we should be in August.  Where did it go?  The days seems to be flying by and I actually feel a bit overwhelmed by how fast time is ticking.  August was wonderful, maybe a bit wet and rainy for my liking but it really was a good month. 

New friendships were made, snailmail was sent and received, walks were taken, the front door was finally painted and there was a LOT of baking.  Home grown vegetables were harvested, lots of family time and really enjoying the little munchkin and watching him grow into such a little character.  This month I have really appreciated being at home with Jack and taking in every moment I have with him at home.  Before I know it I will be back at work so I am really trying to savour each day.

Recently, lack of sleep has made me feel a bit down and I really struggle to cope with everyday life when I don't get at least 5 hours straight sleep every night.  But I know this is just a passing phase and we will get Jack's sleep sorted.  So at the moment I am concentrating on the simple things like enjoying a cup of tea, having a nap, baking when I can and cooking healthy suppers.  The blog has taken a back seat for a while along with many other projects I have on the go but instead of getting upset about it I just accept it.  (Well, not all the time but I'm trying!).

Let's hope September is just as awesome but maybe with a bit more sleep!

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