Jack: 8 months

14 September 2014

I really think this past month has been the greatest fun.  Jack has become this little person now who is totally and utterly adorable.  I know I am biased but seriously he is the best.  He is a mover now, not officially crawling yet but commando crawls or rolls everywhere and pulls himself up onto everything by any means!  We put the stair gates up this weekend so we are ready for the next stage.  It is hard to believe 8 months have gone by so quickly.

Now we have Jack on some ranitidine (for reflux), he is sleeping way better but still wakes at night to feed.  But thats fine with me because he isnt waking and screaming the place down.  He laughs SO much everyday, it really is a joy to my ears.  And since he is a little mover it is becoming harder and harder to plop him down on his mat or in his bedroom and go do something.  You have to watch this kid like a hawk because he is into everything.  He has taken to shoes, my hairbrush and the will not stay away from the monitor in his room, he loves to feel the cats fur and they are very gentle with him.  He loves his porridge, sweet potato and devours a piece of toast.  He loves to sit outside and feel the grass on his feet.  He lifts his hands up to be picked up now.  And is drinking a lot of water from his sippy cup (always a good thing to learn from a young age in my books).  He is making "mama" and "dada" sounds but more sounds than words I think.  He loves to swim and bath time is still a hit.  He is growing fast, I am going to have to do a clear out of his wardrobe again soon.  I get a bit sad actually when he grows out of a favourite top, especially ones that I remember buying when I was pregnant.  Phew, I cannot tell you how weird it is to see this babe grow so quickly in front of our eyes.  I always remember wishing time would go faster when I was younger but now I just want it to slow down!

I am still feeding Jack and don't really want to stop anytime soon to be honest.  I had the end of October in my mind but it is just so easy to breastfeed plus it is such a comfort for Jack too.  So we will see - we are going away in October for a few days to Ireland (just me & the babe, should be fun!! eeeeek!) and then we are away for nearly 3 weeks in November when to go to Cape Town and then away again for Christmas in Ireland.  I do wonder if it is easier to breastfeed when travelling as then you do not have to worry about bottles etc.  Anyone have any experience or advice on this?

As I have said before, I am just cherishing each and every day with this cherub and Jack, as I say every time when I write these posts....you are the light of our lives and we ADORE you.  We love you to the moon and back my boy.



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  2. Sounds like you are both doing brilliantly, I have been loving this age with my daugther too. As for breastfeeding, I am still carrying on as I just find it so much easier. With my son I had the goal of 6 weeks, then 6 months then 12 months as thats when they can just have milk. Breastfeeding is always an instant comfort for them, it's hard to think of a reason to stop unless they suddenly become disinterested :) Travelling with bottles sounds like a nightmare to me, but I've never travelled abroad with my two, only to family in the UK.


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