Jack: 9 months

14 October 2014

I know I say it every month but as each month passes time seems to speed up. I can't believe our little baby is now 9 months old. I genuinely feel quite sad that he is not a babe anymore. He moves, wriggles, claps, dances, crawls and cruises. Jack is growing into a little person of his own and his personality shines through more and more everyday.  By the show of photos in this post you may have noticed that I cannot do the whole sitting him on the chair with the blackboard anymore.  I tried but he literally did a forward somersault off the chair and was caught by me just in time so it will have to be cute nap time photos or action photos instead. 

I won't lie - this whole moving around thing is a whole new ball game and wow it's super tiring but it's such fun at the same time. He can really crawl quite fast and pull himself up on things (or me!) in a flash.  You cannot leave him for a second because whatever he gets his eye on he will get into. Everything in our house has moved up by at least a metre - I said to Mani we should just pack up our house for a few years and live in a non-breakable shell!

This past month Jack has been teething like nobody's business which has been tough on us. Sleep is not a regular occurrence (day or night) and eating has also not been that great. But he does love cold cucumber sticks, rice cakes and pasta and is getting is appetite back everyday.

Nursery is not so much of a hit either but it has to be done and it is getting easier. I love having two mornings a week to myself to clean,cook, bake, potter and have coffee with friends.  And just as I write this, I have picked him up from his 4th session and he ate there and fell asleep.  WAHOO!

Now the weather is getting considerably colder it is sometimes hard to get out the house but we go out everyday and get some fresh air. It's a must in my opinion otherwise I will go stir crazy.  The best buy hands down for us has been our ergobaby - Jack lives in it some days especially if he is having a bad day and wants lots of cuddles. It means I can get on with chores and also no faffing with the pram if I just need to pop to the shops. It's also going to be a godsend when we go to Ireland and South Africa. Money well spent.

Jack loves musical toys and anything that he can shake or rattle. He loves to stand and cruise along our couches or the beds. He giggles at the cats and loves to look outside especially when it's raining.  Singing Old MacDonald to him always calms him down and he still loves swimming and having his baths.

With everyday that passes we notice something else he can do or has learnt, it is crazy how quickly Jack learns things and we love him SO much.  Here is to making the last two months of 2014 awesome.

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