South Africa trip :: 2014

3 December 2014

We recently got back from our awesome holiday in Cape Town.  It really was amazing but so totally different now that we have a baby.  Jack was so good on the plane, gosh I was so anxious about the flight but needn't have worried.  As soon as the lights were dimmed for take off he happily went off to sleep.  Thank goodness for night flights!

As soon as we started to fly over Cape Town and I could see the buildings, the roads and the beautiful mountains by heart just swelled with pride and a sense of being home.  I love that feeling.  The sunshine, the blue skies and the vibe that Cape Town oozes just makes me breathe out a huge sigh of relief of "I am home".  It;s like walking in the door after a long day at work and collapsing on your couch with a cup of tea or crawling into your own comfy bed after being away.

Every time we drove somewhere and I saw the mountain ahead of us I just couldn't help but stop and stare - gawd I sound like such a tourist but because I live away from all of it, when we visit it really takes my breath away.  Anyways, we had such a fun time but phew it is hectic with fitting in friends, family and then relaxing and finding time to do what we want to do.  And I won't lie at times we found it all a bit too much so we have to work on the whole balance thing!  But at the end of the day we had a happy time and that is all that matters.

Highlights include spending time with my precious family, taking Jack to the beach for the first time, eating lots of yummy food, a picnic at Kirstenbosch, seeing my very special friends (and we didn't take any photos with them - I am rubbish!!), having a massage at the beautiful Vineyard Spa, visiting Vergelegen Wine Farm, going for early morning walks with my mom and the dogs and just enjoying and soaking up the sunshine.

This holiday has made us realise (even more) how very rad Cape Town is and what a beautiful place it is to live.  We have asked so many people their thoughts on moving back there and yes we are still seriously considering it. We still have a lot to work out and think about but life is short. And we are young and so is Jack.  So this would be the perfect time to do it.

We went out for lunch on our last day and I saw a poster that said "Go on, please go do that thing you have always wanted to do".  It really struck a chord for me.  For almost ten years I have been in the UK and not one day goes by where I don't have a yearning to go back.  And it has become even stronger since Jack has arrived. I understand many of you think that this yearning is normal and will start to fade eventually and that I am yearning for something that might not be there anymore but I just can't shake this feeling that Cape Town is where we belong.

So lets see what happens.  You never know, it might turn into nothing but it might mean that this time next year we will be living in the most beautiful city in the world.  Home.


Jack: 10 months

1 December 2014

Wow, another month, another blog post about our gorgeous babe.  10 whole months old.  A bit late as we were on holiday when Jack was 10 months - these photos were taken on my moms lawn in the beautiful sunshine.  I had some fading flowers from a friend which I used to faff and created these shots.  

Jack has really developed in leaps and bounds this past month.  Some of the things he loves to do:

- clap hands (this is very recent and if he doesnt clap he waves his arms frantically!)
- crawling at a SUPER speed everywhere
- walking with his favourite v-tech walker (best purchase after the ergo)
- giggling at the cats and pulling Tom's tail
- loves Ella's Kitchen pouches
- settling in at nursery (what a relief!)
- starting to give us things, it really is so sweet!
- taking his socks off
- LOTS of chatting!

We finished our first term at Water Babies, those classes are money well spent but I am not sure we can afford to carry on and there is nothing stopping us going to the swimming pool at the leisure centre down the road.  But a part of me also thinks we should carry on until he learns to swim.  We will see.

Jack is also a lot more settled and confident with other people now, I think this is thanks to nursery.  Hopefully while in South Africa (I am writing this the night before we fly) he will be happy and not too clingy!  When we get back from South Africa I am going to start bottlefeeding - its been a happy 10 months of breastfeeding but I feel it is time to stop now.  Plus Jack starts 3 full days at nursery in January when I go back to work and needs to be able to take a bottle when he is there.

As each day passes and Jack shows us something else he has learnt and his fun and bubbly personality shines through our heart overflows with love for this little bug.  He is our world and we cannot imagine life without him.  I often wonder what we did with all our time before he arrived.  And sometimes I know I wish I had more time to myself so I could do things I want to do but in reality when Jack goes to nursery on a Tuesday and Thursday morning I cannot wait to collect him at 1pm.  I mean, don't get me wrong it is awesome to get stuff done and go out in the car without worrying about taking the whole of the kitchen sink with me but I miss him for those 5 hours.

Happy 10 months Jack.  You are awesome and we love you to the moon and back.


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