Harry: 2 months old

31 December 2015

Better late than never.  I did take these photos just a few days after he was 2 months but my word Harry has grown.  He is a real chubber.  I won't lie there was a point where I didn't know if I could cope anymore with the colic but since I cut out dairy, started giving regular gripe water and visited an osteopath there has been a world of difference.

Harry loves to be tickled and laughs and grins a lot now.  He enjoys watching Jack and always smiles when Jack comes up to him and says "Hello Harry" - it is so adorable.

As each day passes it is becoming easier and easier.  I have found that I have really, really struggled having two kids under two.  Jack is still at a very demanding stage of life and when you are breastfeeding a little one and trying to get out the house and keep sane it is incredibly overwhelming.  There have been a lot of times where I have just broken down in tears with two little munchkins staring at me wondering what is going on. It is so daunting some days to think these two little humans depend solely on me (when Mani is at work obviously).  And to be honest some days we just stay at home and go for a few walks to get fresh air because the thought of going out is just too much.

But those days pass and I know I will remember the good days over the bad - and I do have good days, that is what I need to concentrate on.  I often have days where all I will do is have Harry in the carrier - this is what works for me.  I struggle to put him down when he is niggly, I feel more relaxed with him on me and finally he is beginning to comfort feed rather than just feed when he is hungry which I enjoy.  I love sitting down with a cup of coffee and my favourite tv program (anything for a break from Peppa Pig, The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom or Thomas the Tank Engine!!!) and stick Harry on the boob and just relax.   Note - this hardly happens and can only occur when Jack is at nursery!

Harry - please know you are so loved.  More than you will ever know.  I know these early days fly by so quickly and next thing we know you will be walking and talking.  I am treasuring every cuddle and smile from you.  Watching you grow is so exciting.
Love you my nunu.


Harry: 1 month old

18 November 2015

A few days late but here it is.  Harry at 1 month old.  I am going to be taking the same monthly photos with Harry as I did with Jack (click on link to see Jack at 1 month old). 

Harry is the calmest, sweetest and most gorgeous little babe.  And my word, a chubby little thing too.  All of sudden he is just full of rolls and those little hamster cheeks are the cutest. I swear today, when I was putting his clothes on, he smiled at me and really looked at my face.  My heart melted and my love for him grew tenfold.

Jack loves to cuddle Harry - he will run up to me and cross his arms on his shoulders and sway from side to side saying "cuddle, cuddle" and I know he wants to hold his little brother.  He is always looking for him and saying "Harry".  It is just the most adorable thing to hear.

Harry has stolen our hearts and seeing him grow and watch Jack get more used to him by the day is the best thing.  I am feeling much more myself too, and as each day passes and I am getting used to not sleeping (haha!).  That is the one thing I forgot - the sleep deprivation and how much it affects me and my ability to cope with the everyday.

The other Friday was one of those days.  At one point, all three of us were crying and I just didn't know what to do with myself.  It can become so overwhelming and the hormones don't bloody help either.  It was pouring with rain outside and I just couldn't seem to get out the house to our normal Friday morning toddler group in the village hall so we ended up pretty much watching Peppa Pig all day.  But that's OK.  There will be days when the TV will be my saving grace! 

I know these days will pass and soon enough Harry will be as big as Jack, so I am just taking each day as it comes and enjoying every cuddle. 


Introducing Harry Simon Choudhry

10 November 2015

Harry arrived into the world on Thursday 15th October at 10am on the dot weighing 7lbs 12.5oz (3.53kg).  I had to have him 2 weeks earlier than planned but all went well and he is a happy, healthy, loud and content little baby who has stolen our hearts.

Recovery this time round was tough.  I thought a planned section second time round would be a lot easier but it wasn't.  It seemed a lot harder.  I also had to stay in hospital for 5 days which was unexpected and very difficult and I think I just found it all a bit overwhelming.  I didn't see Jack for 5 days because each day I thought I was coming home and then late afternoon they would tell me I had to stay another night.  I hated being away from Jack and just not being in my own home.  But we got through it.  I cried a lot.  I was way more emotional this time round.  WAY MORE.  But after a good cry I always felt better and my family and friends were and continue to be amazing.  Mani, was and is my hero.  His  love, support and sensitivity never ceases to amaze me.

Jack was a bit all over the place emotionally, which is to be expected for a 21 month old who is facing a big adjustment of becoming a big brother. But he is settled now and loving every moment.  He loves giving Harry cuddles, kisses and often asks where Harry is and insists on kissing him goodnight every evening before bed.  It is simply adorable.

Becoming a Mom for the second time is an amazing and very emotional experience.  I know the hormones don't help but I often feel inadequate and torn in two on the days I have both munchkins.  I so desperately want to cuddle, feed and just soak up every moment with Harry but then there is Jack, roaring around, needing my attention too.  I have learnt these past few weeks that there will be days when chaos will reign.  Toys will be strewn everywhere, children will cry, my hair will be unwashed and I will survive on coffee and biscuits to get me through.  But the main thing is my boys will be smothered in love and hugs and kisses.  We love you Harry - you have completed our little family.  (Although Mani insists I will want another one in a few years time - I stand firm that two boys will keep me busy enough!).


@ 36 weeks with baby no 2

8 October 2015

Guys, how is it even possible that I am 36 weeks pregnant already?  With our second child?  Seriously, it all seems a bit unreal.  This pregnancy has flown by and as with my first pregnancy, up to about 34 weeks I was absolutely fine but then all of a sudden you get huge, you get so, so, so tired, your feet swell.  Your irritation levels reach heights you didn't know were possible and while you are super tired in the day when it comes to the night time you can't sleep.  It really is just a barrel of laughs. Haha, but what I try to concentrate on is that I am generally healthy and well.  So I am super lucky.

Also, yesterday I got my date for the c-section....Thursday 29th October.  3 weeks today!  I am choosing to have another section because I feel it is what is right for me and my family at this time.  I will happily admit that I like the idea of knowing when and where the baby will arrive.  The recovery is the only downfall but by the 10th day after Jack was born I felt pretty much back to normal so I am hoping I will bounce back quickly this time too.  Mani is having 3 weeks off which is such a blessing and Jack will continue to go to nursery 3 days a week (which he absolutely loves).

I am nervous for what it is going to be like - I do remember when Jack was born that it is not easy.  Getting breastfeeding down takes a few, maybe more days, you don't really sleep and you are recovering from surgery.  Plus this time we will have Jack roaring around too.  But I know we will cope. You just do.  Lots of friends are saying the second time around is easier as you know what is coming, which is true.  Plus my expectations for everyday things I think will be much more realistic.  You get through it a day at a time.

So my aim now is to enjoy the next 3 weeks.  Enjoy the days with Jack.  Cherish the peaceful moments when he is at nursery.  And just relax.  Because the next few months are going to be full on. 
In the best way possible.


Feel Good Friday

4 September 2015

Sharing some feel good links because at the moment it seems like we all need a bit of positivity. 
We need some stories to reassure us that we should have faith in the human race. 
I hope these links do just that.
Happy Friday friends!

Epic celebrations - this kid is amazing.

So true.  This really puts the refugee crisis into perspective.

Spend more time being not doing.

One of my favourite instagrammer has started a blog.

The mother of all baby announcements.

I don't deal with stress because I don't suffer from stress.

Wow, a heart warming story with the most beautiful images.

Stumbled across this very talented illustrator and his inspiring quotes.


Cotswold Lavendar Farm

2 September 2015

Back in July me and my lovely friend Carmen decided to visit the beautiful Cotswold Lavender farm in Snowshill, the heart of the Cotswolds.  It didn't disappoint and for £2.50 entry you can't go wrong.  It was a warm day with a bit of cloud but the scenery was just beautiful.

It is a quaint set up with a relaxed tea room and a gift shop where you can ogle over all the products they make.  We ended off our day with a delicious piece of quiche served with salad and a cold drink.

We spent a good hour wandering around the fields of lavender and wild flowers, enjoying taking photos, capturing tourists admiring the beauty and loving the peace and quiet.

It was fun to take photos and is a brilliant place to practice photography, testing different settings and capturing the bees, people, scenery and sheep!  A must see if you are exploring the Cotswolds.


The Big Feastival 2015

1 September 2015

A couple of years ago we bought weekend tickets to The Big Feastival and had a fab time - I blogged about it here.  The weather was glorious, the food delicious and the vibe awesome.  I was 5 months pregnant at the time with Jack and it was all in all a lovely weekend.

                                                                                                                                                                    Fast forward two years, I am 7 months pregnant and Jack is roaring around most of the time and we were setting off again to The Big Feastival but this time just for Sunday.  We were lucky enough to be offered free tickets from the lovely people at AEG and ao.com and couldn't pass up the opportunity!

                                                                                                                                                              We only stayed a few hours this time as the weather got pretty horrible and we all got a bit cranky and wet.  But for the few hours we were there it was warm and we had a fun time.  Jack enjoyed seeing some of the animals from Adam Henson's farm park and he thoroughly enjoyed a milkshake from Happy Monkey.  They were an absolute bargain for 2 for £1.  Jack also loved all the balloons and flags and loved running around causing havoc!

                                                                                                                                                          There were loads of food stalls - so much to choose from and so many lovely things to buy too.  I got Jack the sweetest t-shirt from Little Bird by Jools Oliver.

Yay for a happy day!  And thanks again to AEG for the tickets!


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