Christmas 2014

8 January 2015

So while December was the most awful month on record in the Choudhry household due to us all being ill and my Christmas festive feeling was around zero (and normally I tend to go a bit OTT on the Christmas front), we did try and have a fun time.  We headed to Ireland to spend a week with my Dad, Christine and Conor.  Honestly, I was a zombie for most of the visit and it wasn't fun for me or anyone to be honest but we were together and that is the main thing.

Conor was excited for Santa to come and visit and we watched The Polar Express (what a WONDERFUL film) about a zillion times and counting!  The spirit of Christmas really shines through when you have kiddies about, Conor had a trail of gold coins to follow down to the tree where he found Santa's footprints in front of the fireplace and his stocking filled to the brim with little gifts  I can't wait for when Jack is older and we can have our own traditions too! 

Before Christmas I also took some shots with Jack in his little santa suit in the lounge, I had such fun doing that and he loved playing with the lights, baubles and decorations.  I do wish I hadn't been so sick in December as I wanted to do more Christmas crafts with Jack and bake mince pies and just be more organised but such is life and there is always next year and the year after that etc.

So here is to a healthy, happy and AWESOME 2015!

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