Jack: 11 months

6 January 2015

//To note: the only way I could get the cherub to sit still for more than 10 seconds was to give him his cup.  Which means there were not a lot of photos where you could see his face.  But this just depicts the wonderfully independent and strong willed child Jack is at 11 months.  You don't want to see the photos where I took his cup away!!//

It has been stressing me out to no end that I have not yet written this post and it is nearly Jack's 1st birthday.  Everyday that has passed since the 14th December I have reminded myself that it needs to be done but wow these past 5 weeks have been pretty horrific health wise and we have been surviving (barely) day to day.  But that is for another post on another day.  Let us concentrate on the 11th month of the most beautiful boy.

Jack has developed in leaps and bounds (inbetween him being sick for what seems like an age) and while life has been pretty tough on all of us, it still is a pleasure being his mom.  Jack is a busy little boy who loves to eat and play with anything that is of the tissue material.  Also cardboard and paper too.  He loves to put things into other things or through things (like a cat flap!) or post things through the stair gate at the top of the stairs and watch it roll down.  He loves to help pull down all the washing I have just hung up on the clothes horse and a new favourite - putting things in the toilet.  The JOYS!!

But the smiles and giggles are so sweet and also he has started to cuddle!  I think because he hasn't been well he just wants lots of cuddles and hugs.  He has fallen asleep on my lap a few times which is just UNHEARD of and it was so sweet. I have loved it!  I stopped breastfeeding - it took three tries but I finally managed to do it and looking back I wish I hadn't stopped as that is when all the sickness started but I suppose it had to be done eventually and Jack was more a comfort feeder which meant he was "feeding" far too often in the day so it was getting quite tough to endure.  I do loathe bottles, cleaning, formula and everything that comes with that. I hate the smell and it is such a faff to make up bottles.  I really see it as such a chore and am so grateful I was able to breastfeed for 11 months.

We are still struggling on the sleep front but what with me being sick, Jack being sick, me being sick and then Jack being sick (are you getting the picture?!) it is impossible to do sleep training so we do whatever it takes to get sleep which often means him in our bed.  I don't care.  We will sort it out when we have the strength. I know it will be OK.  This won't last forever.

I have found is that this stage is pretty damn tough.  And not always fun.  Teething, developmental leaps, lack of sleep, little tantrums, throwing food on the floor and just crying a LOT has taken some of the fun out of everyday life.  I won't lie, I have really struggled. But what I have learnt these past few weeks is when you go through stages like this, keep life SIMPLE.  Just do what you gotta do to survive.  Don't put pressure on yourself to do unneccesary things that stress you out. Sleep as often as possible and relax.  Just let life flow and it will be OK.

So happy 11 months my boy - sorry its been a crap one but guess what! You are ONE next week and that is awesome.  ♥♥♥

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