Jack's 1st Birthday Party

19 January 2015

On Saturday we celebrated Jack's 1st birthday with a party in the village hall.  It was SUCH fun.  There was a lot to do, organise, make and set up but thanks to wonderful family and friends it all went smoothly and without a hitch.

We made sandwiches, cheese scones, dream bars, rainbow fruit skewers (which were a hit!) and crudites and my lovely friend Jayne brought some cake and brownies too.  There were also sausage rolls and baby snacks and most importantly a cake.  I made a rainbow cake and looked amazing!  Much better than I expected and a lot easier than I thought too.  I used this recipe which is basically 6 victoria sponges, added the food colouring and just bought icing in tubs to make it simple.  I then decorated it with smarties and made a bunting banner with Jack's name on and stuck it on top using skewers and string.

I also made a paper bunting banner, some tissue paper pom poms and a big number one made out of photos of Jack from his first year.  I got some helium balloons and used the toys from the toddler group in the village as well as a mini jumping castle I borrowed from a friend.  It really was a relaxing, fun and enjoyable afternoon and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

A big thank you to all my family and friends who helped, baked and for all the AWESOME presents Jack was given.  He was thoroughly spoilt!  Jack enjoyed it too and by the end of it he was zooming up and down the hall on a walker and showing off his walking skills, giggling away.  Thank you too for everyone who came and travelled from near and far to help us celebrate our nunu's birthday and for making it through the first year!

What a fun afternoon.  All these photos are taken by my very talented friend Neil - thank you so much my friend, they are stunning photos and it means so much to us to be able to have photos to look back on from Jack's 1st birthday.


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  1. Aww! Jack is so cute and so are his birthday party preparations. My cousin also organized a superior birthday treat for his daughter last month. Interior and exterior of one of the high rated event space NYC was appreciated by all. Also the flower and especially the artificial ones looked real. Cake and cookies were also of high quality.


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